Egg and Sperm Donation

FAQs for Using a Known Egg or Sperm Donor

Using a known or identified donor can create an open line of insight for you and your child. However, many parents have questions about finding an egg/sperm donor and how it impacts their surrogacy journey. Discover some commonly asked questions surrounding the egg donor process.

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Is a Known Donor Better Than an Anonymous Donor?

Using a known gamete donor instead of an anonymous one offers a range of advantages that can greatly benefit individuals or couples choosing surrogacy. Known gamete donation allows the prospective parents to choose a donor they know and trust. This approach also provides increased transparency, ensuring access to valuable medical history and facilitating open conversations about health risks.

 Parents can choose a donor that shares the same values and cultural background leading to a sense of continuity in family identity. Ultimately, known gamete donation can offer a more personalized, supportive and informed path to parenthood compared to anonymous donors.

Can I Choose an Egg Donor That Looks Like Me?

You can choose an egg donor based on a number of physical traits and other personality and lifestyle preferences. Each egg donor will have a profile with information about hair and eye color, race, weight, education level and more. You can choose an egg donor based on the characteristics that you feel would make your child look most like you.

Can You See Pictures of Your Egg Donor?

Yes! With a known donor, the egg donor’s profile will often include pictures of them. This can help you find an egg donor who shares certain characteristics with your family.

What Does an Egg Donor Profile Look Like?

A gamete donor profile is a comprehensive document that offers essential insights into the characteristics, health, and background of an individual who is willing to donate their sperm or eggs for assisted reproduction. Typically, it includes key details such as the donor’s personal information, physical characteristics, medical history, educational background, occupation, familial background and even photos.

Can You See Pictures of Your Sperm Donor?

Yes! With known gamete donation, your cryobank will often allow you to look through their sperm donor profiles. These profiles usually include a picture of the donor and a description of their physical traits. If you want a sperm donor that looks like you or your partner, a donor sperm donor might be right for you.

Can You Ask Someone You Know to be a Sperm Donor?

Yes. This is not an uncommon way for parents to find a known sperm donor. This can be a big question to ask and can put your friend or relative under pressure, so be sure to explain that you prefer the sperm donor be someone you know and trust, or a family member.

How much does egg donation cost?

Egg donation cost varies based on location, number of eggs donated and more. The total average cost can range between $20,000 to $40,000.

Will My Donor Egg Have My DNA?

No, not if you are using a donor. If you are using an egg donor, your baby will have the egg donor’s DNA. They will also have DNA from the sperm used, whether that belongs to the father or a sperm donor. However, you can choose your donor based on a series of physical traits that you feel are similar to your own.

Can I Get a Sperm Donor Who Looks Like Me?

You can find a sperm donor based on race, physical appearance, education and other preferences. When you look through the list of sperm donor profiles through a cryobank they will have this information along with baby pictures listed to help you find a sperm donor who looks like you.

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