Egg and Sperm Donation

Finding a Donor Who Looks Like Me

If you’re looking to build your family through an egg or sperm donor, you may have questions about how to choose your donor. A common thought process is that people want to find a donor who resembles them so their child can look like them as well.

One way you can manage this is by using a “known” or “identified” donor. This means you can see photos of the donor to assist in choosing an egg or sperm donor who looks like you.

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Why Choose a Donor Who Looks Like Me?

Even if parents choose to use an egg donor or sperm donor, finding a way to share features with their child can be important. Picking a donor can lead to finding someone who shares physical traits with you to help increase the chances that your child will look like others in your family. You can choose physical traits including:

In addition, many donors will include lifestyle information to help parents choose their profiles. This includes level of education, personality, left/right brain and more.

Choosing a Donor Based on Physical Traits

Finding a donor who looks like you is a common way that people search for an egg donor or sperm donor. Some people may be worried it’s a superficial way to choose a donor, but many people choose to find a donor based on physical traits to ensure their child resembles them. Whether choosing based off of hair and eye color, race or any other characteristics they can ascertain from an egg donor or sperm donor profile, this can help create a family who resembles one another.

This is often important to families using a donor, especially if they are not making it public knowledge that they are using a donor to grow their family. It can also make your child feel more part of the family if they know a donor was used. Part of choosing a donor can include using a known donor. This allows you to have more information than just physical characteristics, and offer your child more information about where they came from.

Benefits of Using a Known Donor

There are many benefits to using a known donor other than just being able to have a donor with similar features. An identified donor allows you and your future child to know more about their selves. The best reasons to work with an identified donor include:

Working with an egg donor can be a life-changing decision for your family. It’s a way for you to take control of your surrogacy and family-building journey. Your surrogacy agency will be there to help empower you along the way. Discover how working with a surrogacy agency can help you find an egg donor who is a perfect match for you. Connect with a surrogacy professional today.

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