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Can a Family Member Be My Surrogate?

Key Points:

Deciding to pursue surrogacy is a personal choice when it comes to your parenthood journey..

It may make you feel more comfortable to ask a family member to be your surrogate. It can offer more trust, financial opportunity and other helpful resources through the process. However, having a family member be your surrogate can impact your relationship. It’s important to prepare for the process accordingly.

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Can a Family Member Be a Surrogate Mother?

Yes, but there are several factors to consider before choosing surrogacy within the family.

Choosing your sister as a surrogate mother can be a deeply meaningful and personal choice for you. It often arises from a strong bond of trust and love within the family. This decision allows you to share the surrogacy journey with someone you know and care for deeply, which can provide a unique sense of support and emotional connection throughout the process.

However, it is essential to approach such arrangements with the same level of care, professionalism and legal diligence as non-family surrogacies. Working closely with experienced surrogacy professionals and legal experts can help ensure that all parties’ rights, responsibilities and expectations are clearly defined, and that the process adheres to legal and ethical standards.

Changes in Relationship

Going through the surrogacy process with your sister as your surrogate can change relationship dynamics. No matter how close you are with your potential surrogate, this can change your relationship with not just them, but other family members as well.

While family dynamics can change, you should be aware of where you started and where you want to grow as a family. This could also create a new level for your relationship with your surrogate that is positive, potentially creating a special bond.

Working with an Agency and Your Sister as a Surrogate Mother

Even if you have already chosen your sister as a surrogate, it’s incredibly helpful to have a trusted agency working through the process with you. An agency offers a screening process to ensure your family member is a quality surrogate candidate and that they are ready for the surrogacy process.

They can also offer mediation and legal assistance to be sure you are all prepared for the process. In addition, a quality surrogacy agency can offer a network of highly qualified surrogates to match with quickly if the surrogate you have chosen doesn’t work out.

Other Ways Family Can Help the Surrogacy Process

Many family members want to be part of your parenthood journey just as they would with any other pregnancy. This may even be from the very beginning. Here are a few ways your family members can support your surrogacy journey:

Assist Financially

There’s no denying it, surrogacy is an expensive process. If you feel comfortable asking family members for help financially, it can be very helpful to your parenthood journey.

Help Raise Funds

If you don’t feel comfortable asking family members for money or they aren’t in a place to give, they can still help you raise funds. Putting together fundraisers and events to raise money for surrogacy is a common way people afford their surrogacy process. Having family members assist in the marketing of events, hosting and more can help you financially.

Celebrate Your Parenthood Journey

Having a family member throw you a baby shower or help decorate the nursery are other ways they can show their support. Letting your family members be excited along with you helps prepare everyone for the bundle of joy on its way.

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