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Private Surrogate Mother Costs

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Many people who pursue surrogacy may come into the process with a surrogate already in mind. Many choose this because finding a private surrogate mother costs less than going through an agency. This might make them want to go through the independent surrogacy process.

When choosing independent surrogacy, you may be putting a lot at risk and putting a lot more work on your plate. This gets in the way of enjoying the important milestones you’ll reach on your path to parenthood. Learn more about independent surrogacy and private surrogate mother costs by reaching out to a surrogacy professional today.

What is the Private Surrogate Mother Cost?

Using a private surrogate mother costs may look different than if you found your surrogate through an agency. You may be able to find an altruistic surrogacy situation, which would mean the surrogate is doing this process for no salary. However, you would still be expected to pay for the costs of pregnancy that include medical fees and legal fees. Other costs associated with surrogacy include:

Working with an Agency

Even if you are choosing to pursue a private surrogate mother, costs can still mount up. Using a surrogacy agency can help you be clear of what you are paying for and how much you are spending. Our partner agency, American Surrogacy, offers an Independent Surrogate Program so you can use the surrogate of your choice while also having the support and network of an agency.

Other benefits of working with an agency include:

Independent Surrogate Programs

Even if you go through a surrogacy agency, many have independent surrogate programs so you still won’t be paying the extra fees associated with finding a surrogate. This program will allow your chosen surrogate to go through the screening processes any other surrogate would go through to ensure they are a quality candidate for carrying a child.

Why Your Surrogate needs to be Screened

You may trust your private surrogate mother, but there are national standards that every surrogate must meet to be qualified. Even if you completely trust your surrogate, there can be underlying health issues that may not make them a good surrogate. This puts both you and your surrogate at risk. Typical surrogate requirements  include:

If your surrogate does not meet all of these requirements it may be up to the surrogacy agency or fertility clinic whether they can still become a surrogate. However, they will then need to go through the screening process which includes a background check, social and medical screening.

This helps to ensure everyone is prepared and they are in a supportive environment to grow your baby. It’s definitely worth the private surrogate mother costs to ensure everyone is protected.

If you’re ready to start working with an agency, or have questions about how to get started, contact a surrogacy professional today.

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