Infertility to Surrogacy

5 Ways to Know You’re Ready for Surrogacy after Infertility

Key Points

Infertility can feel like a brutal blow on your path to parenthood. Once you’ve processed the diagnosis, you are able to move on to your other options. Whether that is getting a treatment plan or pursuing surrogacy after infertility, it’s important to feel ready for the next steps. Surrogacy for infertile couples is a great way to achieve your dreams of parenthood.

Choosing surrogacy for infertile couples is a big decision to make. Be sure to understand the process and talk with your partner. If you feel it might be your next step, reach out to a surrogacy agency to discuss your options.

How to Know if You’re Ready for Surrogacy

1.      You are Done with Infertility Treatments

Once people receive an infertility diagnosis, they may create a treatment plan. Maybe your treatments aren’t working the way you had hoped, or maybe you are just ready to be done with your infertility treatment plan. Talk with your partner and decide if you are ready to move on to other options to creating your family. Surrogacy for infertile couples is a common plan for many people who are looking through their options.

2.      You Have Gone Through the Stages of Grief About Infertility

Rushing into other options when you discover you are infertile may feel like a productive response, but it’s important to give yourself the time to grieve your diagnosis. Acceptance of your situation will help you move forward in a good place. This allows you to start opening your heart up to other family-building options including surrogacy for infertile couples.

3.      You Have Started Seeing a Mental Health Counselor

Seeing a mental health counselor about infertility is a really effective way to cope with infertility. If you’ve been seeing a therapist you may have been able to sort through some of your feelings about becoming a parent and what that might look like now. Talking to a therapist can also prepare you to decide to pursue surrogacy after infertility.

A surrogacy professional can connect you with an infertility counselor from their network of professionals, even if you’re not sure if surrogacy is the right choice for you.

4.      You are Ready for Parenthood Even if Someone Else Carries Your Child

For many people, deciding that they just want to move on and become a parent is a big determining factor when they are ready to move to surrogacy. Understanding that you won’t get to experience pregnancy and someone else will be carrying your child can be tough to accept, but once you do you may be ready to start the surrogacy process.

5. You Have Started Researching Surrogacy

If you’ve already started looking into surrogacy, you might be well on your way to taking the first steps to the process. Choosing surrogacy after infertility is a wonderful way to build your family. It’s important to understand what the requirements are of you legally and financially, along with what the process looks like.

Getting Started with Surrogacy

Connecting with a surrogacy agency is an excellent way to begin the surrogacy process. They can help you decide if surrogacy is the right step for you. You will go through a brief screening process to help you surrogacy professional get to know you. This will help them give you the best experience possible. Connect with a surrogacy agency to see if surrogacy is right for you.

It’s okay to take your time to make a decision about how you want to continue on your path to parenthood. Always know surrogacy for infertile couples is an option no matter what phase of the process you’re in. Contact a surrogacy professional to help you get started when you’re ready.

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