Causes of Infertility

Does Plan B Cause Infertility?

Key Points

Sometimes you get caught up in a moment or forget to take a pill before you realize you should’ve used some sort of contraception. In this instance, many women will use an emergency contraceptive, also known as the commonly known brand, Plan B.

Some women may not have a clear understanding of how the pill works and how it affects fertility. A common question women ask is “does Plan B cause infertility?” We answer that question to help you navigate infertility and what can help you build your family.

How Does Plan B Work?

Plan B is an emergency contraceptive that works by preventing ovulation from occurring. It is meant to be taken within 72 hours after sex, and the earlier it is taken the better to prevent pregnancy. The pill has 95% effectiveness in stopping pregnancy, especially if you take it within the first 24 hours.

Taking Plan B will only prevent ovulation in the cycle you are on. It will not stop you from ovulating as you normally would. From there, your cycle will work as normal.

Side Effects of Plan B

Understanding Infertility in Women

The fear of infertility can add even more stress to the process of trying to conceive a child. While previous use of Plan B does not affect your fertility, it’s important to know what other issues could indicate infertility. Female infertility could be caused by:

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For anyone facing issues conceiving, it’s important to reach out to your doctor. The first step is to diagnose the issue, whether it is female or male infertility, and then begin to treat the situation how you see fit. We know the treatment process isn’t for everyone. Between the physical and emotional toll associated with trying to treat infertility and conceiving, sometimes the medical treatment plans aren’t for everyone. Working with our partners at American Surrogacy offers you the best experience through:

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