Secondary Infertility

Developing Secondary Infertility After Kids

Key Points

Everyone has their idea of creating their family. It may look like three kids exactly two years apart, or maybe you had a child and are now finally in a place where you’re ready to have another. If you’ve been in the process of trying to have another child, you may be wondering “why can’t I get pregnant again?” No matter what, struggling to get pregnant after having kids can be frustrating. While 11% of couples are developing secondary infertility, there are a number of things you can do to help grow your family.

If you have questions about secondary infertility and want to know more about your options, talking with a surrogacy professional can help. They can help you navigate fertility doctors, counseling and more. No commitment necessary.

Secondary Infertility Diagnosis

If you haven’t already been seeing a doctor after struggling to get pregnant again, you will likely need to meet with one to get an official secondary infertility diagnosis. Likely your doctor will begin by running to tests to check for female infertility. If these don’t come back with any concern, they will likely move on to checking for male infertility. Secondary infertility is actually as common as primary infertility. Both affect around 11% of couples in the U.S. each.

What Could Have Caused This?

Why can’t I get pregnant again? You may be asking yourself this over and over. Don’t blame yourself for what is going on. Secondary infertility has a number of causes that can’t be helped. There are number of factors to consider for both men and women. Sometimes things like a traumatic birth experience from a previous child can cause scarring and affect your current state of fertility.

There are also couples who have gone through lifestyle changes, weight changes and more that are affecting their fertility. Meeting with your doctor, taking tests and establishing a root cause can help you prepare and move forward with your family building options. These include:

What are My Treatment Options?

There are a number of options available today for those facing secondary infertility to still be able to grow their family. Struggling to get pregnant after having kids doesn’t mean you can’t ever get pregnant again. People facing secondary infertility can still get pregnant through certain treatments. Common treatment options include:

What are My Other Family-Building Options?

For some families, going through a treatment plan may not be their choice. It can be a long journey to go through without the promise of results. Not to mention, going through tests and treatments can take an emotional toll on you. For those who are tired of the process after struggling to get pregnant after having kids or are just ready to become parents again, there are other family building options for you.


 Many families who still want to try to have a biological child will choose surrogacy to build their family. There are a number of ways surrogacy can benefit you.


For some families, adoption can be the best choice for growing their family. Through adoption you’ll be helping a child find a loving home and birth mothers achieve her goals. Adoption can create lifelong bonds to  nurture your family and child as they grow. Learn more about going through the adoption process.

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When you have trouble getting pregnant after having kids, it can be a frustrating journey. Working with professionals who can help you navigate causes, treatment and family building can get you back on track to growing your family.

Even if you aren’t choosing to move forward with surrogacy at the moment, speaking with a surrogacy professional can help you outline your options and choose what is best for you. Surrogacy is always an option at any point on your path to parenthood. Contact a surrogacy professional to get started on your journey today.

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