Secondary Infertility

Treatments for Secondary Infertility

Key Points:

When you’re faced with secondary infertility, you may go through an emotional process before you start planning how you might want to treat the condition. Finding treatment for secondary infertility is relatively similar to how most other infertility cases are treated. There are a few typical test doctors will perform to decide the possible cause of secondary infertility. This will help you determine how to move forward with secondary infertility treatment.

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Secondary Infertility Treatments

Fertility medications

Sometimes medications can clear up infections related to infertility. Fertility drugs will stimulate hormones that can help women ovulate. These medications are either taken orally or injected.


Your doctor may recommend surgery based on the outcome of tests and medical history. Surgery is often used to repair uterine-related complications such as removing car tissue, polyps and fibroids. It is also used to help correct male infertility, and recommended to repair testicular varicocele.


Intrauterine insemination involves placing sperm inside the uterus to increase the chance of fertilization. Some couples may choose to use a sperm donor if it gives them better odds of conceiving. IUI as a treatment for secondary infertility has a success rate of 11-38%.


 In vitro fertilization has become a somewhat common option for couples trying to conceive after secondary infertility. This process involves retrieving eggs from ovaries and manually combining them with sperm in a lab for fertilization. IVF has a success rate of around 40%, with this number decreasing as you age.

Other Paths to Parenthood

Dealing with all of the treatments for secondary infertility is not for everyone. Sometimes they can begin to feel invasive and expensive. This is a good time to re-evaluate what your picture of becoming a parent again looks like. Researching other avenues such as surrogacy can help couples find their way to growing their family without the stress of ovulation cycles and sperm count.


Adoption is a wonderful path of joy and love that comes with growing your family. Through adoption you are able to help a child find a loving home, and help a birth mother achieve her goals she might not otherwise be able to. Adoption is a common way for many couples to add to their families. Initial steps to adoption include contacting an agency and speaking with an adoption professional to determine if this is the right path for you.


Choosing to go through the surrogacy process is a beautiful experience. It’s a chance to grow your family in the shortest amount of time with certainty. This is possible because of two key reasons:

Treatments for secondary infertility are not for everyone. The physical, financial and emotional toll can become a large burden on not just the individual, but the couple and family as well. Speaking with an infertility counselor can help you determine what you truly want.

If you need help choosing the best route for your family, connect with a surrogacy professional. They will be able to recommend fertility clinics, doctors, specialists and more to help you find what works for you. Begin your journey to family building today and contact a surrogacy professional.

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