Secondary Infertility

Understanding the Causes of Secondary Infertility

Key Points

When you have already had the experience of becoming pregnant and having a child without issue, developing secondary infertility feels like a frustrating blow. There are a number of causes for secondary infertility that can be explained and even treated, while sometimes doctors simply can’t determine why. This is usually an upsetting form of news, but taking these steps to understand the diagnosis can help you determine how to move forward.

For many couples facing secondary infertility, they may be at a loss for how to move forward. Whether you want to explore your options, or just need some guidance, connecting with a surrogacy agency can help. A surrogacy professional can help you navigate fertility clinics, doctors, counselors and more.

What are the Causes of Secondary Infertility?

If you’ve been having difficulty conceiving a second child, meeting with a doctor is key to learning how to treat the issue. There are a number of tests they will run to determine the cause of secondary infertility. Generally, female infertility is tested first and if there are no apparent red flags, they will test for male infertility.

Causes of Secondary Infertility in Women:

Causes of Secondary Infertility in Men:

What Happens Next?

Once your doctor can confirm the possible reasons for secondary infertility and whether it is male or female related, it opens up the options for treatment. Talk to your doctor about what you do and don’t feel comfortable with as you prepare your treatment plan. Treatments for secondary infertility include:

Know Your Options

There are so many options today for parents looking to grow their families. If you’ve exhausted your treatment options or are ready to take a more certain path towards parenthood, surrogacy has become a popular way to grow families over the last few decades. Whether secondary infertility treatments are what you want to do, connecting with a surrogacy professional will always be an option whenever you’re ready. Qualified surrogacy professionals can help connect you with the right fertility clinics and other specialists.

When you connect with a surrogacy professional, you have someone there for you the entire way of the surrogacy process. Don’t wait another minute to grow your family. Contact a surrogacy agency to learn more about your options today.

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