Surrogacy Costs

Finding Cheap Surrogacy Options

We know going through the surrogacy process takes a large financial commitment. There are many personal financing options you can work through to figure out a way to afford the surrogacy process.

However, there are many surrogacy platforms that may promise the lowest surrogacy costs or the cheapest surrogacy agency that might lure you into using their services when they are not offering a quality experience. Be sure to understand what the costs of surrogacy are and how you can decipher what surrogacy agency is best for you.

You may have plenty of questions about how to find cheap surrogacy options. Speaking with a surrogacy professional can help you make that decision and give you information on how families just like yours have pursued surrogacy successfully.

What to Be Cautious of With Cheap Surrogacy Options

Lack of Transparency

When you’re going through the process of figuring out if you can afford surrogacy, you may search for cheapest surrogacy agencies or even cost-free surrogacy agencies. While there are many surrogacy agencies that may quote low surrogacy options for parents, they also might not be totally honest in what you’re paying for vs. what you still need to pay for.

A lot of times these low ball quotes are at the cost of a quality experience. You may not have access to as many qualified surrogates or you may be blindsided by the other costs that weren’t mentioned in the quote throughout the process.

Sacrificing Quality Service

When choosing to find cheap surrogacy options it’s important to understand you could be sacrificing quality service. Just because a surrogacy agency claims to have the cheapest surrogacy plan doesn’t mean you are getting a good experience. They may only include minimal services, leaving you to scramble to find legal representation, medical options and more. It’s important to research what the surrogacy agency is offering compared to others and what you may actually be paying for throughout the process.

Is There Such a Thing as Free Surrogacy?

If you are doing surrogacy through the proper legal channels, it will never be free. However, if you are choosing to work with a close friend or family member, they may opt to do altruistic surrogacy. Through this process they would become your gestational surrogate without obtaining surrogate compensation. In this sense you would have a “free surrogacy” but you would still need to pay for things like medical expenses, legal fees and more.

What is the Cheapest Surrogacy in the USA?

The cost of surrogacy differs across the United States due to factors such as cost of living, access to fertility clinics and more. In larger cities where the cost of living is much higher, you might expect to pay more for your surrogate. If you live in a rural area or if your surrogate lives far from you, you may also expect to pay more in travel costs to and from doctor visits.

Independent Surrogacy vs. Surrogacy Agency

Many people may feel they can get the most for their money by going through surrogacy independently. While independent surrogacy may work for some parents, there are many aspects they will be missing out on from using a surrogacy agency.

Independent surrogacy means you will have to find your own surrogate, surrogacy attorney, fertility clinic and more. There are more unknowns and different avenues that you aren’t aware of if you’re choosing to go through an independent surrogacy.

Find a Cost Effective Agency Without Sacrificing Quality

While wanting to find cheap surrogacy options can be tempting, if it feels too good to be true, it likely is. With financing options and financially transparent agencies, you can budget appropriately for your surrogacy journey.

If you’re ready to take the next step on your surrogacy journey, don’t hesitate to reach out to reputable surrogacy agencies that specialize in affordable surrogacy solutions. Contact a surrogacy professional today to get started.

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