Surrogacy Costs

How to Pay for Surrogacy

Finding a way to ease the financial aspect of surrogacy can help you pursue the surrogacy process. We’re laying out your options on how to pay for surrogacy. From personal financing to fundraising, the ways to afford surrogacy are growing.

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Personal Financing for Surrogacy

Surrogacy financing is a popular choice for being able to afford the surrogacy process. There are a number of financing options you can pursue.

Surrogacy Grants

Grants for surrogacy are a great way to finance your surrogacy journey. These can also assist in different parts of the surrogacy journey including IVF, egg and sperm donation and much more. There are so many programs across the country that can help you, but a few of the popular grant programs include:

You can also search your local area to see if fertility clinics in the area offer surrogacy grants and scholarships for the IVF process.


Fundraising is another option to help you secure finances to pursue surrogacy. There are a number of online crowdfunding platforms such as and to help parents take donations to achieve their overall financial goals for surrogacy.

Other parents have taken the fundraising route of hosting an event. This can look like anything from a car wash to a golf tournament. Connect with the people in your community who may offer to help with these events and assist in the promotion and marketing to help meet your goals.


Of course one of the many ways to pay for surrogacy is to save up for it. This one will take time, patience and dedication. Sit down with your partner and talk about your budget and how you might save for surrogacy. This will help you to create a plan so you have a better idea of how and when you’ll be able to afford the process.

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Working with a surrogacy professional means you have support through the entire process and beyond. They can help you assess your financing options for surrogacy. If you have questions about surrogacy financing or other financial questions, contact a surrogacy professional today.

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