Surrogacy Costs

The Cost of Surrogacy

One of the big factors for parents when deciding on surrogacy is the cost. The average cost of surrogacy in the United States is $100,000 to $250,000. We understand that an investment like this needs time and consideration. We want you to feel as prepared as possible for the cost of surrogacy. We’ve laid out the details of what you will pay for and why.

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How Much Does Surrogacy Cost?

There are various factors that go into the cost of surrogacy. Working with a surrogacy agency can help you break down the fees and understand what you are expected to pay for as parents. There are various expenses that make up the total surrogacy cost including agency fees, legal fees, medical fees, surrogate compensation and more.

Surrogacy Cost Breakdown

Agency Fees

Working with a surrogacy agency can make all the difference in your surrogacy process. When working with an agency, you will get a package that covers some of the surrogacy costs. The agency fees cover quite a bit of the work that is done to ensure you find your perfect surrogate including applications, in-depth screening services, matching services, advertising fees, support and counseling services and education.

Medical Fees

The medical fees associated with the cost of surrogacy are important to the process. Once you have found a surrogate and you both agree to move forward in the process together, she will undergo a medical screening to ensure she’s ready to carry a child to term. Other costs involved with the medical process include embryo transfers and fertility medication.

Legal Fees

The legal process is important to creating a positive surrogacy experience. Once you connect with your surrogate and decide to move forward with the process, you will need to get a surrogacy attorney to create the surrogacy contract. This will help prevent any issues as you go through the experience.

Your surrogacy attorney will also assist in creating your pre-birth or post-birth parentage order which will legally declare you as parents. We have a vast network of surrogacy attorneys, and when you work with one of our recommended legal counsel, those fees will be included in your surrogacy cost package.

Surrogate Fees

Once you find your surrogate, you will be building a relationship with them that could last a lifetime. Surrogates deserve to feel rewarded and compensated for their service. You will be responsible for their compensation which includes base pay and various expenses and reimbursements. These may involve maternity clothes, housekeeping, lost wages, screenings and embryo transfers.

Variable Fees

The variable fees are parts of the surrogacy process that we don’t have control over and, therefore are not included in our fixed-cost pricing. These fees are sometimes optional on how much you spend, while others are necessary to the surrogacy process. Some of the variable fees associated with the cost of surrogacy include:

Determining the Cost of Surrogacy

When you work with a surrogacy agency, they will often have a financial plan or fixed-cost plan for parents. This will establish what you are paying for and when you need to pay for it throughout the process. Determining the cost of surrogacy before you get too far into the process can help you stay focused on what is important: preparing for the birth of your baby.

Learn More About the Cost of Surrogacy

Understanding the financial commitment of surrogacy is important so you can feel confident in your budget. Your surrogacy professional will be there to walk you through the process so you can best understand the costs of surrogacy. Contact a surrogacy professional to get started today.

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