The Surrogacy Process

5 Steps to the Surrogacy Process

The surrogacy process offers an amazing way to become a parent. We’ve created a simple guide to the steps of the surrogacy process along with necessary information every parent via surrogacy should know.

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Steps of the Surrogacy Process [5 Steps]

Step 1. Contact a Surrogacy Professional

Your surrogacy professional will help you through your entire surrogacy process, from initial intake to taking your baby home. You can speak with a surrogacy professional today.

Step 2. Matching Process

Finding your surrogate is an exciting part of the surrogacy process. Your surrogacy professional will compile profiles of surrogates that align with your surrogacy goals for you to look through until you find your perfect match.

Step 3. Legal Process of Surrogacy

You and your surrogate will each have your own attorneys. Your surrogacy attorney will assist in the creation of the surrogacy contract. This document outlines the roles and responsibilities of both parties, surrogate compensation, medical preferences, parental rights and more.

Your surrogacy professional will connect you with an attorney who specializes in the surrogacy laws of your state to ensure your surrogacy journey is completed legally.

Step 4. Medical Process

An embryo will be created through in vitro fertilization (IVF) using your and your partner’s egg and sperm, or that of a donor . The embryo will then be transferred to the surrogates uterus.

Step 5. Pregnancy and Welcoming Baby

Once a pregnancy is confirmed, you will get to attend doctor’s appointments and witness all the exciting milestones along the way until it’s time to welcome your little one into the world.

How You’re Matched with a Surrogate

The matching part of the surrogacy process is so exciting for many reasons. It allows you to create your plan and what you want out of a surrogate. It also is when we find you the perfect surrogate who will help you achieve your goal of bringing a child into the world.

More experienced agencies have created an efficient matching practice, ensuring you’re matched with your ideal surrogate who meets all of your requirements quickly. The quickest average match time takes 30-90 days, allowing you to have your baby in your arms as soon as possible.

Length of the Surrogacy Process

The entire surrogacy process can last on average between 15 and 18 months. This includes the entire process from the moment an application is submitted to the point you’re holding your baby in your arms. You could be matched with your surrogate in one to three months.

The timeline from matching with your surrogate to the first embryo transfer is typically four months. Following a successful embryo transfer, you’ll get to eagerly await and prepare for the arrival of your baby.

Cost of Surrogacy

The average cost of surrogacy can be $90,000 to $230,000 in the US. There are a number of factors that affect the overall costs including what state you live in, the agency you use and more. Some agencies have a fixed rate package for intended parents. This allows you to worry less about cost and focus on your future child.

Surrogacy Process Success Rate

The statistics surrounding surrogacy are rather promising. United States surrogacy clinics have reported a success rate for birth is as high as 75%, with an increase to 95% once the gestational surrogate is pregnant.

When creating an embryo, your fertility clinic will either use your egg and/or sperm or include a donor’s before transferring the embryo to the surrogate. From there, the surrogate will wait for a positive pregnancy test to move forward with the surrogacy process.

Genetics in Gestational Surrogacy Process

When going through the gestational surrogacy process, the surrogate mother has absolutely no DNA connection to the baby. You will use your own egg/sperm or a donor’s. The egg will never come from the surrogate in a gestational surrogacy.

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