The Surrogacy Process

Surrogacy vs. Adoption: Which is Right for You?

When you are looking for ways to build your family, many people start to research adoption and surrogacy. Here are some questions to ask yourself as you prepare to choose between surrogacy vs. adoption. While both result in you being able to make your dreams of parenthood a reality, they are very different processes. We’ve created a list of questions that many people have about choosing between surrogacy and adoption to help you better understand which is a good fit for you.

You deserve to be confident in your decision to pursue surrogacy or adoption. Either way, we want to help you build your family in a way that’s perfect for you. Contact a surrogacy professional today to learn more about your family-building options.

What is the difference between surrogacy vs. adoption?

The main differences between surrogacy and adoption are that you have more control of the process through surrogacy and will be able to have a genetic connection to your child. The process for each is also very different. Through surrogacy, you generally have a timeline of 15-18 months.

Going through adoption can possibly take years, especially if you’re waiting to adopt an infant. When working with a birth mother rather than a surrogate, she also has more control over the situation and ultimately has the right to change her mind.

What is better adoption or surrogacy?

Choosing between adoption and surrogacy is completely up to the parents. While one may be better for you personally, both are amazing ways to grow your family. It all depends on what is important to you as you pursue the process. Many people feel more comfortable in the surrogacy timeline since they will have more control over it.

Why do people get surrogates instead of adopting?

Many people who choose surrogacy want to have a genetic connection to their child even if they can’t carry them on their own. There are many reasons why people may choose surrogacy vs adoption. Here is a list of reasons surrogacy may be right for you:

What is more expensive surrogacy or adoption?

While both surrogacy and adoption have a financial commitment, surrogacy tends to have much higher costs. Adoption can cost anywhere from $20,000 to $50,000 on average. This cost can include fees from the agency, legal costs and more. This may be a more achievable option for some parents who want to grow their family.

Surrogacy on the other hand can cost anywhere between $90,000 and $230,000 across the country. There are many factors that affect this number including location, legal fees and surrogate compensation. We offer a fixed-cost package to intended parents so you can be confident in the costs of surrogacy.

What is the most common reason for surrogacy?

While everyone has their own reasons for choosing to pursue the surrogacy process, infertility is likely the most common reason for surrogacy. Other reasons include being in a same-sex couple, being a single individual who wants to start a family, age and more. However, even if a couple cannot conceive a child in the traditional sense, they can still have a child with a genetic connection through surrogacy.

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