The Surrogacy Process

How Long Does the Surrogacy Process Take?

Many couples and individuals who consider surrogacy have likely been trying to have a family for a while or waited until it felt right to start their family building journey. At this point, you’re ready to finally reach your goals of parenthood.

Your surrogacy professional will make the process as clear as possible so you can feel prepared every step of the way. You’re likely wondering how long does the surrogacy take, but rest assured that we will do everything we can to make this a fast process to get your baby in your arms.

Qualified surrogacy professionals will take you through each step of the process to ensure you have the best surrogacy experience possible. If you have questions about the process or how to find a surrogate to get started, contact a surrogacy professional today.

Intake & Assessments: 1-2 Months

While you may still be wondering how long the surrogacy process takes, you can begin the process by filling out an intake form. When you contact a surrogacy agency and fill out an application, a surrogacy professional will be in contact with you. You’ll begin with your application and consultation. You will go through various assessments including a background screening to ensure you are ready to become parents.

Matching Process: 1-3 Months

You will create a profile to let surrogates get to know you as they choose intended parents to work with. Your surrogacy professional will help you develop your surrogacy plan so you can connect with a surrogate who meets all of your ideal qualifications. Finding the perfect match takes an average 30-90 days with the right agency. This should be an exciting experience for everyone involved, and starts with creating a quality relationship between you and your surrogate.

Screening & Attorney Visits: 2 Months

You and any potential surrogate will have gone through the background screenings before this point to ensure that everyone is ready and has the support they need to go through the surrogacy timeline. However, once you and your surrogate agree to move forward, the surrogate will go through tests with your fertility clinic doctor to establish if she is able to carry a child. She will also go through a physical and psychological screening at this point.

In addition, you will begin working with a lawyer at this point in the surrogacy process timeline. You will have a surrogacy attorney and so will your surrogate. Your lawyer will draw up a surrogacy contract that covers everyone’s risks and responsibilities to ensure that this surrogacy process works smoothly for everyone.

Medical & IVF Visits: 2-3 Months

When it comes to how long the surrogacy process takes, the medical and IVF visits may vary the most. The pregnancy process begins through IVF procedures. The cycle of IVF will take a little over a month to establish the surrogate’s cycle. She will also begin taking medications to prepare her body for the pregnancy. Your fertility doctor will create an embryo either from your egg and sperm or combine a donor egg and/or sperm. This embryo will then be implanted in the surrogate.

It will take around 15 days to get the first results. While the first attempt is generally successful, if the surrogate does not get pregnant, doctors will likely suggest implanting another embryo during her next cycle.

Pregnancy: 9 Months

The pregnancy is the longest part of the surrogacy process timeline. Of course we can’t help that pregnancy takes 9 months, but at this point you know you’re going to have your child in your arms by the end of this process. The surrogate’s pregnancy is an exciting time. You can spend more of this time going to doctor appointments with your surrogate, getting to know your surrogate better or preparing the nursery for your newborn.

Parenthood and creating a family is within your reach. Don’t let worries of how long the surrogacy process takes get in the way of beginning your journey. Get started on your dreams of family and contact a surrogacy professional today.

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