The Surrogacy Process

What is the Success Rate of Surrogacy?

Many people who come to surrogacy to create a family have dealt with other issues such as infertility on the road to becoming a parent. So when you decide to go through the process, you want to be sure you have a high success rate of surrogacy. Surrogacy actually has the highest success rate of any medical treatment when it comes to assisted reproductive technology.

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Average Surrogacy Success Rates

The statistics surrounding surrogacy are rather promising. United States fertility clinics have reported a success rate for birth is as high as 75%, with an increase to 95% once the gestational surrogate is pregnant. When creating an embryo, your fertility clinic will either use your egg and/or sperm or include a donor’s before transferring the embryo to the surrogate. From there, the surrogate will wait for a positive pregnancy test to move forward with the surrogacy process.

What Affects Surrogacy Success Rates

Part of ensuring a surrogacy success rate includes making your IVF process as effective as possible. The following factors should be considered before you start treatment:

How to Improve Surrogacy Success Rates

There are a few things you can do to improve the success rate of surrogacy and the embryo creation process. These will be covered as you meet with your fertility doctor and work through your surrogacy plan.

Your surrogacy professional will do everything they can to ensure that you have a promising surrogacy success rate. From getting started to creating a plan and finding your surrogate, they have your best interests at heart. We can help you get started in the surrogacy process. Contact a surrogacy professional to begin your surrogacy journey today.

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