How to Become a Surrogate

What are Women’s Reasons for Surrogacy?

If you’re like most people, you’ve probably read stories about women who make the selfless choice to become surrogates. These women make an incredible decision to put their lives on hold on in the name of helping another couple realize their dream of becoming a family. But why do they take the time out of their lives for this process in the first place? 

There are actually quite a few reasons, but a few notable ones are:

The amazing women who choose surrogacy come from many different backgrounds. To learn more about other popular reasons for surrogacy, keep reading. But if you’d like to talk to someone directly about why surrogacy, is a good option, you can fill out our free contact form today to be contacted by a surrogacy specialist.

  1. She enjoys being pregnant 

Any woman who decides to become a surrogate should have a genuine love and desire to be pregnant again. These women remember their pregnancy experiences with their own children as nothing short of positive and take great joy in the idea of helping someone else. For them, just the joy of being pregnant is a good enough reason for surrogacy as any.  

Surrogacy isn’t only about one person. Throughout this journey, a woman will develop a close and intimate relationship with the intended parents. Sometimes, a woman’s reason to become a surrogate in the first place is because she wants to develop lasting relationships. Many surrogates walk away from the experience gaining a deep, genuine friendship, just like Megan did: 

“I didn’t just have babies for somebody else; I gained an entire family through the whole process. It was the most rewarding thing in the entire world. I would do it all over again.”  

And Lindsey and Shiloh, Megan’s intended parents, feel the exact same way: 

“I never thought that it would go from complete stranger to best friend and a relationship that will always be there, so that’s pretty neat,” Lindsey said. 

Additionally, one of the best reasons to become a surrogate mother is the sense of community it brings. There are all kinds of online and in-person support groups for women who want to talk to someone who’s been in their shoes. After spending so much time helping the intended parents, it can be reassuring to know that there are other women who are ready and excited to welcome them with open arms.  

The ability to carry a child is considered by many to be a gift. Additionally, not everyone can just become a surrogate one day. This is opportunity that takes a lot of work and self-sacrifice. When a woman becomes a surrogate, she is putting her own life on hold for a least a year. This means less time for her own family and friends while she focuses on helping the intended parent’s dream come true. Every surrogate makes a lasting impact in the life of an intended parent, they’re passionate about what they’re doing and they take pride in their ability to help another family. 

When people ask, “Why surrogacy?” the desire to help someone else is usually the first response. Whether they know the intended parents beforehand or not, knowing that they can make a lasting impact in the life of someone else is one of the best reasons to become a surrogate mother.  

When Megan became a surrogate, all she wanted to do was help a family in need: 

“One of the first things she [Megan, a surrogate] said to me was, ‘I’m not in this for the money,’” Lindsey remembers. “She wasn’t going to just do it for anybody; she wanted a family that she felt a connection with. That meant a lot to me. 

So, when people ask, “Why did you become a surrogate mother?” you can say with pride that you did it for the joy of helping someone else.  

One of the biggest misconceptions about surrogacy is that these women are only in it for the money. But that’s actually not true. The joy and fulfillment that comes from helping another family is often its own reward – with or without compensation. Every surrogacy agency also requires potential surrogates to be financially stable to ensure that they can care for themselves without the need for financial compensation. If a surrogacy specialist can sense during the screening that money is a woman’s only reason to become a surrogate, she normally won’t be approved for the surrogacy process.  

Having a little bit of extra help never hurts, however. Many women use their compensation to reach financial goals they may have put on hold, like paying for their education, paying back student loans or putting a down payment on a house.  

Once the baby bump starts to show, surrogates quickly get used to excitement and questions from other people. And because surrogacy is still so new for many, there is a lot of misinformation out there. You might start to hear questions like, “What is the point of someone becoming a surrogate mother?” or “Why did you become a surrogate mother?” Many surrogates find themselves as the spokesperson when people have questions about why she became a gestational carrier and use this opportunity to help others learn and understand more about their situation. The more people talk about surrogacy in a positive and open way, the easier it will be to digest.   

Many women decide to become surrogates because they know someone who has struggled with infertility. The might have a family member – like a sister or a cousin – or a close friend who has struggled for many years to grow their family. They might have seen them spend years trying to conceive to no avail, and feel the call to help in some way if they can.  

As you can see, there are a ton of great reasons to become a surrogate mother. If you believe that this opportunity could be right for you, then please don’t hesitate to contact a surrogacy professional today. They’ll help you learn more about why surrogacy is a good option and the first steps you can take to get started.  

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