Surrogate Compensation [How Surrogacy Actually Works]

How Much Do Surrogates Get Paid?

When you become a surrogate, you may be wondering, “How much do you get paid to be a surrogate?” The answer to this question is going to vary based on where you’re located, the experience you have, the professional you’re working with and more.

If you have any questions about how surrogate compensation works, then you can always contact us online to get free surrogacy information now. We’ve also put together this detailed guide that tells you everything you need to know about surrogate compensation. To give you a solid grasp of how this works, we’ll provide an answer to the frequently asked question, “How much do surrogates get paid?”

Base Compensation [How Much Surrogates Get Paid]

When you pursue commercial surrogacy, you will receive a base compensation for surrogacy. “How much does it pay,” you may be asking. From a general standpoint, this payment depends on a few factors:

If you work with a reputable surrogacy professional, then they will help you determine a monthly pay rate throughout your surrogacy process. This base compensation allows prospective surrogates like you to work toward a long-term financial goal, such as finishing your education or purchasing a house. So, if you are wondering “how much money do surrogates make,” you can use this money to help complete one of your lifelong aspirations.

How Much Money Can I Make as a Surrogate? [Covering Pregnancy-Related Costs]

As a prospective surrogate, you will be devoting plenty of time and energy toward helping other people realize their dreams of parenthood, and that is beautiful, selfless and heroic. You shouldn’t have to worry about the costs of surrogacy when you are committing to this brave path. But, how much do parents pay for a surrogate?

The intended parents will pay your base compensation and cover all your surrogacy-related expenses. For instance, they will pay for your screening costs, your medical procedures and your legal representation. On top of this, you’ll receive, in most cases, a monthly allowance to cover your pregnancy-related fees.

During the early stages of your surrogacy journey, you and your surrogacy professional will discuss your preferences and needs. They will also connect you with a credible surrogacy attorney to talk about your legal costs and surrogacy contract. You may be wondering, though, “How much money do surrogates make in an altruistic surrogacy?” Even in this case, the intended parents will pay for all your expenses.

When you receive your monthly surrogacy compensation, this will typically cover things such as:

Also, if you need to miss work for surrogacy appointments, these payments can cover these lost wages for you and your spouse. The intended parents can also pay for any medical costs that your insurance doesn’t cover. But, we should mention that you’ll discuss these matters in-depth with your surrogacy professional and surrogacy attorney to answer that lingering question: “How much do you get for being a surrogate?”

Your Experience with Surrogacy [How Much Do Surrogates Make?]

Your experience with surrogacy plays a significant role in how much compensation you’ll receive. For example, first-time surrogates will likely not receive as much money as someone who has proven their ability to carry multiple healthy pregnancies to term for intended parents. So, how much do surrogates get paid in the U.S.? It depends on your experience.

When you have your initial meeting with your trusted surrogacy professional, they will explore the finer details of your payment and how much you can receive. You will also go over how much your desired base compensation is so that they can help you find intended parents whose budgets match your financial needs. They can help you answer the question, “How much will I earn if I’m a surrogate mother?”

Finding the Right Intended Parents

Your surrogacy professional will help you create a surrogate profile. This is exactly what it sounds like. It provides all the necessary information that intended parents would need as they browse profiles. It will describe your lifestyle, your needs throughout your surrogacy and why you’re choosing this path. It will also help you find the answer to “How much money can I get for being a surrogate?”

In a similar vein, you will browse intended parents’ profiles alongside your surrogacy professional to see who is a good fit for you. There are many types of intended parents, and you get to determine what characteristics you’re looking for in the people you’ll be working with. To give you a better idea of what this entails, here are some demographics that you’ll get to decide on when you browse intended parents:

Remember to take all the time you need to find the intended parents who are right for you. You will be working closely with them for roughly a year, so it’s important to choose intended parents that you feel comfortable and safe around.

But, even though you’ll want to know the answer to questions like “How much do surrogates get paid,” money shouldn’t be the only incentive at play. Though a financial boost is nice, you are helping people realize their parenting dreams, and that is no small feat. There are many reasons for choosing surrogacy, so spend some time thinking about what those reasons might be for you.


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