Surrogate Compensation [How Surrogacy Actually Works]

Does Being a Surrogate Pay? [What You Need to Know]

As a prospective surrogate, you are likely wondering how surrogate compensation works. You may be asking yourself, “Do surrogates get paid?” The answer: Yes, surrogates can and do receive compensation. Still, you may not know why that is and how it works.

No two surrogacy journeys are the same, and, as a result of that, compensation can vary. For instance, the surrogate mother pay rate depends on factors such as the intended parents, the surrogacy agency you work with and more. If you have some questions about this, then you can contact us online to get free surrogacy information now.

In the meantime, learn more about surrogate pay in this comprehensive guide.

Why Does Being a Surrogate Pay?

Surrogacy is far from a simple journey. It is a time-consuming experience, and the surrogacy process will require quite a bit of time and energy from you. Because you are making such a selfless, heroic decision, you are entitled to surrogacy compensation. Although you shouldn’t only be a surrogate for money, the financial boost can be helpful.

Also, surrogacy without compensation can feel exploitative and unethical, which is why many states allow payment for being a surrogate. Surrogacy can be a difficult journey from a physical and emotional perspective, so compensation is also a way of the intended parents showing gratitude for all your help. Without you, they wouldn’t have their beautiful child, and they will be forever thankful for you.

But, we should mention that money for surrogacy should not be your biggest incentive for choosing this path. It is a nice benefit, but it should be complementary to your loving, brave desire to help other people realize their lifelong dreams of parenthood. Before you commit to working with a particular surrogacy professional, you will discuss your reasons for choosing surrogacy, too.

Surrogate Compensation Breakdown [How Base Compensation Varies]

From a general standpoint, when people ask if you can get paid to have a baby for someone, they are likely asking about base compensation for surrogacy. This is a lump sum that you will receive throughout your surrogacy journey for your services. Many prospective surrogates use this money to help them achieve life goals, such as finishing their education or purchasing a house. The average surrogacy compensation is roughly $30,000–$40,000, but it varies from one professional and situation to another.

But, how does money made being a surrogate vary? What are the factors at play? Generally speaking, there are three to account for:

1. Your Experience with Surrogacy

Surrogate mother earnings tend to vary based on how much experience the prospective surrogate has. For instance, first-time surrogates and experienced surrogates will make different amounts of money. People who have shown that they can carry a healthy surrogate pregnancy to term can receive more base compensation than first-time surrogates.

Be sure to speak with a reputable surrogacy professional to see how much base compensation you can receive as a prospective surrogate.

2. Where the Prospective Surrogate Lives

Another factor at play is where the prospective surrogate lives. For example, prospective surrogates who live in states that have a higher cost of living can sometimes receive more in compensation. At the end of the day, it is always best for a prospective surrogate to check with the agency itself.

3. Your Surrogacy Agency’s Policies

When you work with a surrogacy agency, your professional will provide you with a rough estimate of your pay for being a surrogate. Typically, here are a few things that influence that estimate:

Your surrogacy professional will go over these details with you, and you can ask them any questions that you have before committing to them. Other factors, such as the type of surrogacy you’re interested in and how many attempts at embryo transfers you’ll undergo, affect typical surrogate compensation, too.

What Does Compensation for Surrogacy Cover?

As a prospective surrogate, you may be curious what surrogate compensation covers, exactly. Your base compensation is yours to do with as you please. This money isn’t intended to cover surrogacy expenses — it is money in your pocket to use toward your own financial goals.

On top of your base compensation and covering the cost of the surrogacy itself, the intended parents will also cover any surrogacy- or pregnancy-related expenses. This is because you’re giving plenty of time and energy, so you shouldn’t have to fret about finances.

Your surrogacy professional will have a set fee schedule to ensure that the intended parents cover all your pregnancy- and surrogacy-related costs. This schedule will account for a certain number of attempts at an embryo transfer and other potential complications, and they’ll draft out any extra money if needed. In addition to your base payment for being a surrogate, you’ll receive an allowance to cover any out-of-pocket expenses every month. From a general standpoint, here is what that money covers:

Your surrogacy professional will determine what your needs and preferences for surrogacy are when you first meet with them. Then, they will help you find intended parents whose budgets match those needs. Also, remember to work with a credible surrogacy attorney who will ensure that you receive the compensation for surrogacy that you are entitled to.

How Much Surrogacy Compensation Will You Receive?

If you’re curious about how much you will get paid for being pregnant as a surrogate, then be sure to contact a trusted surrogacy professional to see what their fee schedule is like. Remember that every surrogacy agency will have a different fee schedule, so it is best to reach out to them yourself and see how they compare. To help get you started, here are some surrogacy agencies you can contact:

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