Surrogate Requirements

Age Requirements for Surrogacy

Does the Age of a Surrogate Matter?

Surrogate age requirements are designed to ensure you are emotionally, physically and medically prepared for the surrogacy process. 

If you’re wondering, “How old is too old to be a surrogate mother? Or “What is the minimum age to be a surrogate mother?” a surrogacy specialist is ready to give you complete information on gestational surrogate age limits when you complete this online contact form.  

Aside from age requirements for surrogacy, you must meet general surrogacy requirements before matching with intended parents and moving on to the medical process.  

You can find a complete guide to the surrogate requirements by taking this link. 

This article will provide you with information on age restrictions for surrogacy and why they are important to the success of the surrogacy journey. 

General Surrogate Age Requirements 

Surrogate health requirements are crucial to becoming a qualified surrogate. Part of that is surrogate age limits. 

The purpose of requiring you to be within a particular age range is to ensure your health and safety, the health of the baby and to give intended parents the best chance of having a successful surrogacy. 

Experts at the American Society of Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) recommend that gestational carriers be between 21 and 45, although most professionals tend to have a surrogate age limit of 40. 

There are situations where a surrogate can be older than 40, but both intended parents and prospective surrogates must be aware of the potential medical risks of pregnancy before committing to surrogacy. 

Suppose you’re considering surrogacy in your 40s or older. In that case, the first step you should take is to reach out to a surrogacy professional to learn more about surrogacy as an older adult

How Old Do You Have to Be to Become a Surrogate Mother? 

If you’re asking, “What is the minimum age to be a surrogate mother?” you need to be at least 21 years old to become a surrogate

Surrogacy requires physical and emotional maturity, and a prospective surrogate under the age of 21 likely isn’t ready for pregnancy and surrogacy in either case. 

Surrogacy is also a big commitment. Your ability to fully understand your decision and the risks involved and to be prepared emotionally and physically for the road ahead is essential. 

Additionally, as a prospective surrogate, you are required to have had at least one previous and successful pregnancy with no major complications. Adjusting to life after pregnancy and raising a child better prepares you for another pregnancy and carrying a child for another person. 

It’s also important to note that most state surrogacy laws follow ASRM guidelines on age requirements for surrogacy, so considering surrogacy younger than 21 likely won’t be possible no matter where you live. 

You can always speak to a surrogacy specialist to get more in-depth answers to your question, “How old do you have to be to be a surrogate?” 

Surrogacy During Teenage Years 

If you’re a legal adult over the age of 18 but not yet 21, you may be asking why surrogacy isn’t an option for you. 

As mentioned above, surrogacy’s emotional and physical impact requires you to be both emotionally and physically mature. 

As a teenager, your body and mind are still experiencing growth. Pregnancy and carrying a child for another family is too much to ask of someone younger than 21. 

It takes a special person to want to carry a pregnancy for another family and your desire to be a surrogate is admirable. We encourage you to reach out to a professional once you’ve turned 21 if surrogacy is still something you want to pursue.

You also likely haven’t yet had a successful pregnancy and child of your own, which is a strict requirement of most surrogacy professionals and state laws. Even if you have had previous pregnancies, most professionals recommend that you wait to pursue surrogacy until you know for certain that you have completed your own family.   

You can learn more about the surrogacy age limit by speaking with a professional.  

Am I Too Old to Be a Surrogate Mother? 

As a prospective surrogate, you might have already completed your family but want to experience pregnancy again and help an intended parent have a child. 

The surrogate mother age limit is typically 40 because of the risks associated with pregnancy after menopause. 

Some of the risks of being an older surrogate include: 

If you’re older than 40 and experiencing menopause, a surrogacy agency and fertility clinic would likely disqualify you from becoming a surrogate. 

However, depending on your health and ability to carry a child, there are circumstances where surrogacy can be an option. Every agency is different, so speaking to a professional to determine whether surrogacy is an option is the first step. 

The age limit to be a surrogate directly impacts the medical aspect of the pregnancy and surrogacy journey. Intended parents want to work with surrogates that give them the best chance at having a safe, healthy and successful experience. 

So, if you’re wondering what the age limit on surrogacy is, get connected to a professional by filling out this online form. Your questions about the age requirements for surrogacy will get answered by an experienced surrogacy specialist. 

Surrogate Age Requirements and Working with a Surrogacy Agency 

Because most agencies and state surrogacy laws follow ASRM guidelines for surrogate age, it’s important that you work with professionals experienced in completing successful surrogacies

Some surrogates choose to pursue independent surrogacy in an effort to get around the age requirements for surrogacy. There are several drawbacks to opting for an independent surrogacy journey. 

You must meet many requirements as a surrogate, but working with an agency that can give you trusted medical information, such as age requirements for surrogacy, gives you the best chance at success. 

In most cases, intended parents want to work with reputable agencies that can connect them to high-quality surrogates like you. 

To learn more about age requirements for surrogacy and to get answers to your question of, “Does the age of a surrogate matter?” connect with a professional by completing this online form

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