Surrogate Requirements

Can You Become a Surrogate Without Being Pregnant Before?

Pregnancy Requirements to Become a Surrogate

Becoming a surrogate is a heroic decision to help intended parents unable to physically or biologically have a child independently. Surrogacy also requires you to meet specific criteria, which means, unfortunately, becoming a surrogate without a previous pregnancy isn’t possible. 

An experienced professional can answer questions you might have about how to be a surrogate mother without a previous pregnancy when you fill out this online form. However, it’s important to know that surrogacy agencies and fertility clinics require prospective surrogates to have at least one prior pregnancy. 

There are specific reasons for this requirement, and the following information will explain why becoming a surrogate without a previous pregnancy is risky — for you and for the intended parents. 

Can You Be a Surrogate Without Being Pregnant Before?

In most cases, you cannot become a surrogate if you have not been pregnant before. Most fertility clinics require a previous healthy pregnancy. However, this does not mean you can never become a surrogate — just not right now.

You wanting to become a gestational surrogate is a decision that gives intended parents hope for having a genetically related child. It’s an amazing choice. Because becoming a surrogate without a previous pregnancy is a risk surrogacy agencies, fertility clinics and intended parents won’t take, you can still plan on becoming a surrogate after you’ve been through a pregnancy of your own. 

Some prospective surrogates may choose to pursue independent surrogacy to avoid strict agency requirements. In that case, the intended parents’ fertility clinic will still require you to have had a previous successful pregnancy.  

Furthermore, the risk isn’t just an issue for agencies and intended parents. Becoming a gestational surrogate without a previous pregnancy is a physical, medical and emotional risk for you as well.  

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Why Can’t I Become a Surrogate Mother with no Children? 

It can be frustrating to find out you can’t be a surrogate without a previous pregnancy. But, agencies and clinics do this because they are tasked with protecting you from unsafe health risks, as well as protecting intended parents and themselves. 

Let’s look into why agencies, clinics and intended parents won’t work with a prospective surrogate without a previous pregnancy. 

Gestational Carriers Wanting to Become a Surrogate Without a Prior Pregnancy 

Protecting the physical and emotional health of a surrogate is of the utmost importance. So, when you’re wondering how to become a surrogate mother without having a child and find out that you can’t, it’s for your safety. 

Without knowing how your body will react to a pregnancy, the risks of becoming a gestational carrier create potential complications and physical challenges.  

That not only puts you in danger, but it also creates unnecessary risks for the intended parents and their unborn child.

Never having experienced a pregnancy also puts you at risk of facing emotional challenges you may not be prepared to handle.

Pregnancy alone causes emotional highs and lows. Add carrying a child for another family, and there is a concern that the emotions may be too overwhelming. 

Intended Parents and the Risk of Working with a Surrogate Without a Previous Pregnancy 

Intended parents are often on their last opportunity to have a genetically related child.  

Couples who have experienced past unsuccessful infertility treatments, members of the LGBTQ community or single individuals dreaming of parenthood want to work with a surrogate with the least risk involved. 

So, when asking, “Can I be a surrogate if I’ve never given birth?” think about it from the perspective of intended parents. 

Matching with a potential gestational carrier that gives them the best chance of success means finding a surrogate that has shown a healthy, successful pregnancy is possible for her. 

Intended parents willing to accept the risk of working with a surrogate mother with no previous children rarely, if ever, exist. Even if you do find intended parents willing to take that risk, a fertility clinic won’t approve you for the embryo transfer procedure in the initial screening process. 

Complete this online form if you still have questions about becoming a surrogate mother with no previous children and why the risk is too high for clinics, agencies and intended parents. You can get connected with a professional who can answer all of your important questions. 

Surrogacy Professionals and a Prospective Surrogate Without a Previous Pregnancy 

The best surrogacy agencies can provide in-house resources and support to both you and the intended parents. Even then, gestational surrogacy comes with complicated risks. 

Because of the unique challenges in surrogacy, professionals try to mitigate as much risk as possible by working with qualified candidates that are screened and determined to be emotionally, physically and medically ready for the journey ahead. 

Ensuring prospective surrogates meet the many specific requirements before moving forward includes making sure you’ve experienced at least one previous successful pregnancy. 

You can always reach out to a professional to get more information on why a surrogate mother that’s never been pregnant doesn’t meet the required qualifications. 

Surrogacy Requirements 

As a prospective surrogate mother that’s never been pregnant, you, unfortunately, wouldn’t qualify to become a surrogate for an intended family. Still, it’s important to know what additional qualifications are needed to move forward in the surrogacy process. 

Here are just some of the requirements prospective surrogates must meet: 

Here are some additional informational resources on surrogacy: 

Again, reach out to a surrogacy specialist for more information on the screening process for prospective surrogates. 

If surrogacy isn’t in the plans at this moment, consider reaching out to a professional in the future when you’re ready to pursue the incredible surrogacy journey.

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