Surrogacy Agencies in Colorado

Surrogacy Agencies in Colorado Overview

Whether you’re hopeful intended parents or a prospective surrogate, surrogacy in Colorado is a beautiful and life-changing experience.

If you have questions or want more information about surrogacy in Colorado, you can always contact a surrogacy professional. Our professionals will help you find a surrogacy specialist who can help you learn what surrogacy agencies in Colorado can do for you.

What is Surrogacy in Colorado?

Surrogacy in Colorado involves intended parents, surrogates, and surrogacy professionals. Most often, surrogacy professionals at a surrogacy agency work with the intended parents and surrogate, and help in the following ways:

What Surrogacy Agencies in Colorado Do

Surrogacy agencies in Colorado are “one-stop shops” for surrogacy. When you work with a surrogacy agency in Colorado, you’ll work closely with a surrogacy professional whose knowledge and support will help guide you.

Why Work With a Surrogacy Agency in Colorado

Surrogacy is a complex process with many legal, medical and emotional aspects. Intended parents and surrogates who choose to complete an independent surrogacy are responsible for coordinating all information and communication necessary to make the process happen.

How to Choose the Best Surrogacy Agency in Colorado

The best surrogacy agencies in Colorado offer comprehensive services. The following are just a few of the surrogacy agencies in Colorado you could choose to work with:

What the Best Surrogacy Agencies in Colorado Have in Common

Some of the best surrogacy agencies in Colorado offer a wide range of services, including:

7 Surrogacy Steps All Intended Parents and Surrogates Go Through

Every surrogacy journey is different, but there are several common steps you’ll go through, whether you’re an intended parent or a prospective surrogate mother. Here’s what you can expect:

Step 1: Decide if Surrogacy is Right for You

Gestational surrogacy in Colorado is a rewarding experience, and it could be right for you.

Surrogacy may be the right choice if you:

Step 2: Complete Your Pre-Surrogacy Screening

Before finding a surrogate or intended parents for your surrogacy journey, you must meet some essential pre-surrogacy requirements. These include medical and psychological screenings to confirm you are ready to move forward with the help of a surrogacy agency in Colorado.

Screening might sound intimidating but don’t worry. Your surrogacy professional is here to support you and guide you to success.

Step 3: Choose a Surrogacy Professional and Create a Surrogacy Plan

Surrogacy agencies in Colorado employ surrogacy professionals who will guide you through every step of your journey.

These professionals will also help you create a surrogacy plan. This plan will detail your preferences on things like:

Step 4: Find an Intended Parent or Gestational Carrier 

All intended parents and surrogates get to choose a surrogacy partner for their journey.

The preferences you have are usually determined in your surrogacy plan, but you can choose characteristics like:

When you find a prospective match who shows mutual interest, your surrogacy agency in Colorado can help set up an introductory meeting. This allows you to ask questions and get to know them before fully committing to the partnership.

Step 5: Create a Surrogacy Contract

You and your surrogacy match will work with separate surrogacy attorneys. The attorneys will create a legal contract that protects your rights and addresses details such as:

Step 6: Complete the Surrogacy Medical Process 

The intended parents’ fertility clinic will prescribe fertility medications to the prospective surrogate. These drugs will prepare her for the embryo transfer and pregnancy.

surrogate’s medical costs are all covered by the intended parents. She will also get to choose the hospital where she will deliver, and she will work with the intended parents to develop a delivery plan that meets everyone’s preferences. Your surrogacy agency in Colorado will help you through this exciting process.

Step 7: Finalize Your Surrogacy in Colorado

Your surrogacy professional and attorney will stay in contact with you during the child’s delivery and before the hospital discharge to complete all necessary legal steps.

Next, the surrogate will receive her final compensation payment, and the parents will go home with their baby.

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