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Being a Surrogate for a Friend or Family Member in Alaska

Becoming a surrogate for a family member or friend is a wonderful gift. Surrogates are the key to someone else finally becoming a parent, and for those closest to you, it’s increasingly more special.

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Independent Surrogacy for Family Members and Friends in Alaska

If someone close to you is having difficulty getting pregnant, it is reasonable that you’re considering being a surrogate for someone that you know. Although it may seem easier to do surrogacy without an agency, it is important to remember that surrogacy involves pregnancy and a transfer of a child.

These experiences are not only deeply emotional but also legal processes. It can take several tries for an embryo to be successfully transferred to the surrogate.

Using an agency introduces an impartial party that ensures that feelings don’t get in the way of the initial process and provide important support to everyone involved.

Surrogacy Process When You Know the Intended Family in Alaska

If you’re considering surrogacy for a friend or family, you should know that much of the process is the same. Surrogates must still pass the screening process to make sure that the likelihood of them carrying a transferred embryo to term is high enough.

The screening process is an important part of making sure that the surrogate and the intended family are protected emotionally and physically. In general, all surrogates are screened along these lines:

It would be unfair to ask a surrogate to carry a child if they are likely to suffer adverse health consequences for doing so. Similarly, it is unfair to the intended family because the likelihood of them having their wish of a family granted is unlikely.

Differences in the Process When You Know the Family

There are a few main differences in the surrogacy process when you know the intended family.

Because surrogates already know who their intended family is when they are friends or family, they won’t have to go through the matching process. This is because they are already matched. At the same time, because they already know the intended family, the process is streamlined and after successful screening, they will start the surrogate process sooner.

At the same time, it may be more difficult emotionally. Because no pregnancy or transfer of embryo can be guaranteed to be successful, attempts can take an emotional toll on the surrogate and the intended family. If you have an existing personal relationship with the intended family, this can lead to undue turmoil in your relationship.

Surrogates for Family and Friends in Alaska

Many people who experience infertility wonder if their sister, sister-in-law, or even daughter can be a surrogate for them. And often, the answer is yes: you can be a surrogate for your family!

It is important to make sure that surrogacy is the right choice for the surrogate. The surrogate will still have to meet the requirements for surrogacy.

The same recommendations and requirements apply to surrogacy for friends, too. It is also important to know that surrogacy, when the intended family and surrogate have identified each other, is less expensive for the intended family because they do not have to pay for matching services.

Private Surrogates in Alaska

Private surrogacy offers a path to parenthood for individuals and couples who may not be able to have a child naturally. It involves a surrogate mother who agrees to carry a baby on behalf of the intended parents. This process requires proper legal and medical guidance to ensure the rights, responsibilities, and well-being of all parties involved.

Do You Need a Surrogacy Agency When You Know Your Surrogate in Alaska?

Surrogacy agencies offer peace of mind as an alternative to private surrogacy. They provide guidance and handle legalities, medical procedures, and finances.

Agencies match intended parents with vetted surrogates, coordinate appointments and contracts, and offer support and mediation. This comprehensive approach reduces risks and uncertainties. Agency services come at a higher cost but provide a structured and professional process.

The choice between private surrogacy and using an agency depends on comfort, budget, and desire for guidance.

While it may seem simple to become a surrogate for a friend or relative, using a surrogacy agency can still be beneficial.

Discussing compensation or breach of agreement among friends or relatives can strain relationships, but an agency can mediate these discussions and ensure fairness. Additionally, a surrogacy agency offers access to professional medical and legal resources for a smooth and legally compliant process.

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