Surrogacy Agencies in Alaska

Surrogacy Agencies in Alaska Overview

Women who want to become surrogates and hopeful intended parents who want to grow their families via surrogacy can reach their goals in Alaska.

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What is Surrogacy in Alaska?

Surrogacy in Alaska involves intended parents, a surrogate mother, and a handful of surrogacy professionals.

Intended Parents and Surrogacy in Alaska

Intended parents are people who want to grow their family through surrogacy. Most commonly, the following types of intended parents pursue surrogacy to grow their families:

Surrogate Mothers and Surrogacy in Alaska

A surrogate mother (a gestational carrier) will carry the intended parents’ baby. The surrogate is not biologically related to the baby and becomes pregnant through in vitro fertilization (IVF). The baby the surrogate carries is either related to:

A surrogate can provide an incredible service through gestational surrogacy in Alaska and be compensated fairly.

Surrogacy Agencies in Alaska

There are a few surrogacy agencies in Alaska that can help you on your journey. If you’d like to contact a surrogacy agency in Alaska today, here are a few you can consider:

What Do Surrogacy Agencies in Alaska Do?

Surrogacy agencies in Alaska are best equipped to help prospective intended parents and surrogates throughout their surrogacy journey.

A surrogacy agency will help facilitate the following essential surrogacy steps:

  1. Complete Surrogacy Screenings: Surrogacy agencies in Alaska will help hopeful intended parents and surrogates complete mandatory psychological, physical, and medical screenings. This ensures people are healthy enough to pursue surrogacy and mentally prepared for the journey.
  2. Find a Surrogacy Lawyer: Both intended parents and surrogates will need a separate surrogacy attorney to protect their rights in their surrogacy contract.
  3. Matching Services: Surrogacy agencies in Alaska can help intended parents and potential surrogate mothers find each other. Specialists at these agencies can help match people according to their preferences and individual needs. Match times vary, but you can expect an average 30- to 90-day wait time at an agency like American Surrogacy.
  4. Practical and Emotional Support: Surrogacy specialists can help intended parents and surrogates through the stressful and emotional aspects of the surrogacy journey.

Surrogacy Laws in Alaska

Although there are no surrogacy laws in the state, both intended parents and surrogates will benefit from working with surrogacy agencies in Alaska. Agencies employ professionals who will ensure your surrogacy is safe and handled fairly.

How to Become a Surrogate in Alaska

Women who want to pursue surrogacy in Alaska can with the help of a surrogacy agency. Surrogacy professionals at agencies can help you through the following surrogacy steps:

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Surrogacy Compensation for Surrogates in Alaska

Commercial surrogacy, also known as compensated surrogacy in Alaska, is when a surrogate gets paid for her time and energy in addition to the compensation for all the surrogacy- and pregnancy-related expenses.

Most first-time commercial surrogates get $45,000-50,000. Sometimes, repeat surrogates receive up to $75,000.

Although some surrogates choose not to get paid for their surrogacy, most women get paid for their time and energy.

How to Become an Intended Parent in Alaska

Intended parents can start the surrogacy journey by reaching out to a surrogacy professional at an agency. When an intended parent reaches out to an agency, they can expect to go through the following steps:

Financial Certainty for Intended Parents in Alaska

Generally, surrogacy in Alaska costs between $120,000 and $250,000. There are different ways that agencies structure there fees, and some are better than other. For reference, American Surrogacy offers a fixed-fee structure, which gives families more financial certainty when planning for the process. This covers American Surrogacy’s services, gestational carrier fees, and medical and legal fees. 

Next Steps to Surrogacy in Alaska

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