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How to Become a Surrogate in Arizona

If you’re researching how to become a surrogate in Arizona, you’ve come to the right place. Your decision will change your life, but you’re also impacting the lives of the intended parents by helping them build their family. It’s normal to have questions, and we’re here to help you find answers.

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Below, we cover several reasons women decide to become a surrogate in Arizona. We also cover the process of becoming a surrogate in Arizona, including screening, medical, and legal requirements. Keep reading below to find out more.

3 Reasons to Become a Gestational Surrogate in Arizona

Each woman has unique reasons for becoming a surrogate mother in Arizona. However, we’ll cover three of the most common (and most important) reasons below.

You’re Providing a Wonderful Gift

Family is important. Surrogacy lets you help a deserving couple start their own family when other avenues have been exhausted. That lets you play a role in fulfilling dreams of intended parents who probably experienced a painful journey to reach this place. You get to help a couple share their love with a family of their own, and that is one of the best reasons to be a surrogate mother in AZ.

You’re Improving Your Family’s Financial Situation

Being a surrogate mom in Arizona lets you help a family enjoy a better life while improving your family’s financial situation. You’ll be compensated for your efforts as a surrogate. That compensation can help you do things like:

Compensation for being a surrogate in AZ  ranges between $45,000 – $50,000 for first-time surrogates. That amount of funding can significantly impact your family’s life.

You’re Providing an Amazing Service

Being a surrogate in Arizona lets you positively change lives for both your family and the intended parents. You’re doing something few people do, which can be a source of pride and a great sense of accomplishment. It also serves as a great example for your children because you embraced the challenge of being a surrogate mom in AZ out of your understanding of its importance. That’s a life lesson that can help your kids become the kind of people who seize every opportunity to do something incredible.

How to Become a Gestational Surrogate in Arizona: The 6-Step Process

The process of becoming a surrogate includes six primary steps. Read on to learn more about these steps.

Step 1: Decide If Surrogacy is Right for You 

Your surrogacy will have an impact on everyone around you. If you’re still wondering whether or not being a surrogate in AZ is in your best interest, you can start by asking yourself these questions

Being a surrogate in Arizona isn’t best for everyone. And that’s okay. If you have questions, you can consult with a specialist for help with your decision before taking the next steps.  

Step 2: Participate in the Screening Process 

The next step in the process of becoming a surrogate mother in Arizona is undergoing the screening process. The screening process ensures you’re physically and emotionally prepared for the journey.  

Some of the requirements included in the screening process include: 

Your role as a surrogate is critical for many, and these steps are intended to ensure you’re prepared for the road ahead. You won’t have to go it alone, though. Your surrogacy specialist will help you every step of the way.  

Step 3: Find the Right Intended Parents 

If you’re intent on being a surrogate in Arizona, you’ll need to find intended parents that match your preferences. Your surrogacy specialist can assist you with deciding what you want when they assist you in learning how to become a surrogate in AZ.  

Being a surrogate in AZ gives you control over many facets of your experience. Choosing the intended parents is one of them. Identifying a good match is important, so be sure to take your time and choose wisely.   

Step 4: Collaborate On the Legal Contract 

Another key step in how to become a surrogate mother in Arizona is drafting your surrogacy contract. Attorneys for you and the intended parents will collaborate on a contract in observance of their state’s surrogacy laws. The purpose of the contract is to protect your rights throughout the process. You and your surrogacy attorney will cover related legal topics like compensation, protection, and possible risks.

Once both sides have a draft contract, the attorneys will review the terms and make amendments if warranted. You get to sign off on any changes. Once the contract is finalized, the medical process can begin.  

Step 5: Get Ready for the Embryo Transfer 

Some women wonder, “How does being a surrogate work in Arizona in terms of the medical procedure?” Again, that’s a natural question to ask since any medical procedure can lead to concern.

In this case, there’s nothing to worry about. You’ll be under the care of a fertility clinic, which will track your fertility cycle closely. You’ll start taking medications to prepare your body for the pending embryo transfer. 

First, the eggs are collected and fertilized in a laboratory to create an embryo. Once a viable embryo is available, it can be transferred to the surrogate mother. A few days later, an examination will confirm the pregnancy is viable and healthy, and after that occurs, you’ll start receiving base compensation and a monthly allowance.

Step 6: Get Prepared for Labor and Delivery 

The peak of your experience when being a surrogate mom in Arizona is the child’s birth. Your surrogacy specialist will assist you with creating a plan to communicate your expectations regarding the hospital experience. They’ll be there to answer your questions throughout the process.  

When you begin labor, the intended parents will join you at the hospital. After the birth, you’ll be discharged, and you can continue your relationship with the intended parents to witness the full impact of your selfless, loving choice. 

How Does Being a Surrogate Mother Work in Arizona: Closing Words

If you’re thinking about being a surrogate in Arizona, you should know your choice is life-altering for you and the intended parents. It lets you fulfill dreams for hopeful parents and give your own family a better life. If you have lingering questions about how to become a surrogate in AZ, please speak with a surrogacy professional. To connect with one today, simply complete our free online form.

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