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Requirements to be a Surrogate in Arkansas

If you’re considering becoming a surrogate, it’s crucial to meet the qualifications for being a surrogate in Arkansas set by the agency. It’s worth noting that even if you don’t currently meet these requirements, taking corrective action might eventually make you eligible for surrogacy.

We’re here to guide you through the process and help you fulfill your aspirations. As always, it is best to reach out to a surrogacy agency for specific and up-to-date information.

The Three Main Qualifications for a Surrogate Mother in Arkansas

Qualifications for a surrogate may vary among different agencies, but many adhere to the guidelines established by the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM). The requirements to be a surrogate are in place to safeguard the well-being of surrogates and ensure their chances of success. By setting these standards, agencies prioritize the protection of surrogates and prevent them from assuming unnecessary risks.

The three main qualifications for surrogacy in Arkansas are:

Learn more about each one below.

Physical Requirements to be a Surrogate in Arkansas

Pregnancy comes with inherent health risks. For instance, the question arises: how physically healthy should a surrogate be? Maintaining good physical health greatly enhances a surrogate’s ability to successfully carry a baby to full term. And because the goal of surrogacy is to have a child, it is important to have strict health qualifications to become a surrogate. Surrogacy agencies prioritize your well-being and the well-being of your intended families by ensuring that you are in optimal physical condition. It is our ethical responsibility not to encourage surrogates to take unnecessary risks.

Some of the questions you might have are:

Although surrogate requirements vary from agency to agency, there are some general basic health requirements:

If you meet these general requirements for surrogate mothers, you could be an excellent fit as a surrogate. Even if you don’t currently meet these requirements, we encourage you to reach out to a surrogacy agency. They may have options for case-by-case qualifications or be willing to work with you once you meet the physical requirements. Don’t hesitate to contact a surrogacy agency to explore the possibilities!

Other Health Considerations for Surrogacy in Arkansas

Many women wonder, “Can I be a surrogate if I had gestational diabetes?” or “Can I be a surrogate if I had herpes?” While these conditions do not automatically disqualify you, they can complicate the pregnancy and carry potential risks for both the surrogate and the intended parents’ baby. Therefore, it’s of utmost importance to discuss your health history with the surrogacy agency (like American Surrogacy). They can provide guidance and determine the safest course of action, based on the specific circumstances of your condition and current medical standards. Remember, successful surrogacy journeys hinge on open dialogue and transparency regarding all health matters.

Psychological Requirements for Being a Surrogate in Arkansas

In addition to meeting medical qualifications, surrogates in Arkansas must also fulfill specific psychological requirements to become a surrogate in Arkansas. These criteria not only aim to safeguard surrogates from excessive stress or risks but also ensure their ability to handle the emotional demands associated with pregnancy.

The qualifications of a surrogate include a comprehensive assessment of the potential surrogate’s emotional and psychological well-being. As a surrogate, you will be entering into a working relationship with the intended parents and the surrogacy agency that may span over a year. Regular attendance at multiple doctor’s appointments is also expected throughout the process.

Becoming a surrogate is akin to taking on a full-time commitment, so it is crucial to be fully prepared for the additional responsibilities that surrogacy entails. Pregnancy brings about hormonal and physical changes in addition to your everyday duties. Furthermore, surrogacy carries the potential for surrogates to develop an emotional attachment to the baby they are carrying. While experiencing mixed emotions during pregnancy is normal, it is important to possess the coping mechanisms necessary to navigate these feelings.

The purpose of the psychological qualifications for surrogacy is to ensure that surrogates are equipped to handle the emotional demands of both pregnancy in general and surrogacy in particular. This not only protects potential surrogates from undue stress but also ensures their long-term well-being beyond the pregnancy.

Screening Qualifications for Being a Surrogate Mother

During this stage of the screening process, many surrogacy agencies will arrange in-home visits. These visits involve a home study professional who will assess your suitability for surrogacy. This crucial step allows the agencies to gain a better understanding of you as an individual.

Additionally, surrogacy agencies will conduct federal and state background checks to ensure that potential surrogates have no prior felonies or fail to meet the background standards set by the agency. This measure ensures that all surrogacy arrangements are safe and secure for everyone involved.

Given the significance of surrogacy, it is imperative for surrogacy agencies to set responsible qualifications for becoming a surrogate mother. If you’d like to connect with a surrogacy agency to learn more about the requirements to be a surrogate in Arkansas, fill out our form, and we’ll help connect you with a surrogacy agency that fits your needs!

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