Surrogacy Agencies in Connecticut

Surrogacy Agencies in Connecticut Overview

Surrogacy is a wonderful family-building option for intended parents and a great opportunity to help a couple become parents for surrogates. Although the process has ups and downs, surrogacy agencies in Connecticut will help make your journey smoother.

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What is Surrogacy in Connecticut?

Surrogacy in Connecticut is the process of intended parents having a child with the help of a gestational carrier (a surrogate). Surrogacy professionals, including a surrogacy agency, fertility clinic and surrogacy attorney, can help you complete the process.

How Surrogacy Agencies in Connecticut Help Intended Parents and Surrogates

Surrogacy agencies in Connecticut help intended parents and surrogates throughout their entire surrogacy journey.

Surrogacy agencies employ surrogacy professionals that help provide emotional and practical support to each surrogate party. These professionals are dedicated to ensuring this process is handled safely and legally.

Finding a Surrogacy Agency in Connecticut

Consider working with one of the surrogacy agencies in Connecticut listed below if you choose to pursue surrogacy:

Some of the best surrogacy agencies in Connecticut offer the following benefits to intended parents and surrogates:

Financial Certainty

Before you work with a surrogacy agency, ensure the company’s fees are transparent, and offer surrogates fair base compensation.

How Much Does Surrogacy Cost in Connecticut? Surrogacy in Connecticut costs between $120,000 and $250,000.

How Much is a Surrogate Compensated in Connecticut? Most surrogates earn anywhere from $45,000 to $75,000 in base compensation. Generally, first-time surrogates earn $45,000 to $50,000.

Trusted Referrals

Surrogacy agencies in Connecticut employ surrogacy professionals who can refer you to outside professionals who can handle certain aspects of your journey. These professionals include:

Matching Services

An agency’s surrogacy professionals also are dedicated to helping you find the perfect match (for intended parents and surrogates) for your surrogacy journey.

Agencies that have shorter matching wait times benefit surrogates and intended parents. For example, American Surrogacy has an average match time of 30 to 90 days. The agency can maintain these times by prescreening surrogates and intended parents, providing in-house marketing for clients, and keeping a 1:1 intended parent-to-surrogate ratio.

Is Surrogacy in Connecticut Legal?

Yes. Surrogacy in Connecticut is legal. The state has the following favorable laws concerning surrogacy:

What Surrogacy Contracts do for you

Connecticut surrogacy contracts are created similarly to surrogacy contracts in any other state. They are designed to protect both parties’ interests and rights and anticipate potential complications and liabilities — so each party is represented by a separate surrogacy attorney.

When you’re creating a Connecticut surrogacy contract, make sure to look for the inclusion of the following:

Once your contract is approved and finalized by your surrogacy attorneys, you can begin the medical process of surrogacy in Connecticut.

How Intended Parents and Surrogates can Pursue Surrogacy in Connecticut

Intended parents and surrogates can start their surrogacy journeys by reaching out to a surrogacy professional at an agency.

When you reach out to a surrogacy agency, you can expect to go through the following steps:

Next Steps Toward Surrogacy in Connecticut

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