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How to Become a Surrogate in Delaware

Serving as a surrogate lets you help deserving intended parents build their family. Looking for information about how to become a surrogate in Delaware? It’s natural to have questions, and we can help you get answers.

Being a surrogate in Delaware is beneficial for everyone involved. If you’re considering it, you need support and guidance from a professional as you learn how to become a surrogate mom in Delaware. You can connect with one when you’re ready by completing our free online form.

Throughout this guide, we discuss some common reasons women choose to become a surrogate in Delaware. We also cover the process of becoming a surrogate in Delaware, including screening, medical requirements, and legal requirements. Please read on below to find out more.

3 Reasons to Become a Gestational Surrogate in Delaware

There are many reasons for becoming a surrogate mother in Delaware. Below, we focus on three of the most common (and most important) reasons that women cite.

1. You’re Extending a Life-Changing Gift

Surrogacy provides an opportunity to help a deserving couple build a family if other paths have been unsuccessful. You can fulfill the dreams of intended parents who’ve likely been through a painful process to arrive at their decision to pursue surrogacy. That is one of the most rewarding reasons to be a surrogate mother in DE.

2. You’re Creating a Better Life for Your Family

Being a surrogate mom in Delaware isn’t just about helping another couple create a family. Through surrogacy compensation you can help improve your family’s financial situation. Your surrogacy pay can help you:

The compensation you receive for being a surrogate in DE can range from $45,000 – $75,000 for first-time surrogates. That kind of money can profoundly impact your family’s life.

3. You’re Serving an Amazing Purpose

Being a surrogate in Delaware is positive for both your family and the intended parents. Few people are up to the challenge of what you’ve chosen to do, and you can take pride in your accomplishment. It’s also a great example for your children to see. You’re embracing the challenge of being a surrogate mom in DE because you understand the importance of it.

How to Become a Gestational Surrogate in Delaware: The 6 Step Process

Becoming a surrogate includes the completion of  six primary steps. To learn more about them, please keep reading below.

Step 1: Determine Whether You’re Ready for Surrogacy 

Your surrogacy will have a rippling effect on those around you. If you haven’t determines if being a surrogate in DE is in your best interest, you can begin by posing these questions to yourself: 

Being a surrogate in Delaware may not be viable for everyone, and that’s okay. If you need more information, you can consult a specialist to get help with your decision before moving forward.  

Step 2: Complete the Pre-Screening Process 

If you want to pursue becoming a surrogate mother in Delaware, you’ll need to complete the screening process. The screening process is intended to confirm you’re physically and emotionally ready and prepared for the journey ahead.  

The qualifications included in the screening process are: 

Because of the important role of the surrogate mother, these steps can ensure you’re ready for the road ahead. Don’t worry, though. You won’t be alone, as your dedicated surrogacy specialist will be there to help throughout the process.  

Step 3: Locate the Right Intended Parent Match 

If you’ve decided on being a surrogate in Delaware, you’ll next want to identify intended parents matching your preferences. Your surrogacy specialist will help you define what you want when learning how to become a surrogate in DE.  

When being a surrogate in DE, you control many aspects of your experience. Choosing the intended parents is one of them.

Step 4: Develop the Surrogacy Contract 

Another critical step in how to become a surrogate mother in Delaware is creating a surrogacy contract. The contract will protect your rights throughout the process. You and your surrogacy attorney will cover related legal topics like compensation, protection, and possible risks. Then, your attorney and the attorney for the intended parents will collaborate on the contract in accordance with state surrogacy laws. 

When a draft contract has been created, the attorneys will review the terms and make any necessary changes. You get the final say on the contract, and once  the contract is finalized, the medical process can begin.  

Step 5: Prepare for the Embryo Transfer 

How does being a surrogate work in Delaware in relation to the medical procedure? As a surrogate mother, you’ll be under the care of a fertility clinic that will track your fertility cycle closely. You’ll also receive medications intended to get your body ready for the upcoming embryo transfer. 

For the embryo transfer, eggs are collected from the intended mother and fertilized in a laboratory to create an embryo. The embryos are then transferred to the surrogate mother. Soon after, an examination will confirm the pregnancy is viable and healthy, and after that occurs, you can begin receiving your base compensation and monthly allowance.

Step 6: Prepare for the Labor and Delivery Experience

At the pinnacle of your experience when being a surrogate mom in Delaware is the birth of the child. Your surrogacy specialist will be there to help you create a plan that will communicate your expectations about the hospital experience. They can answer your questions about the process.  

As your labor begins, the intended parents will join you at the hospital for the birth. Afterward, you’ll be discharged following the birth. Your relationship with the intended parents can continue moving forward, so you’ll have the opportunity to witness the true meaning of the selfless, loving gift you’ve provided. 

How Does Being a Surrogate Mother Work in Delaware: Learning More

If you want to know more about being a surrogate in Delaware, please know you’ll be fulfilling dreams for hopeful parents and providing your own family with a financial boost. If you want to learn more about how to become a surrogate in DE, please talk to a surrogacy professional today by completing our free online form.

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