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How to Become a Surrogate in Georgia

Being a surrogate means you’re helping intended parents start their journey to parenthood. If you need information about how to become a surrogate in Georgia, we can help you get answers to your questions.

Being a surrogate in Georgia benefits everyone involved, but you’ll need support from a professional as you learn how to become a surrogate mom in Georgia. To connect with someone who can help, just complete our online form.

Below, we’ll cover common reasons women choose to become a surrogate in Georgia, the process of becoming a surrogate in Georgia and meeting the medical requirements and legal requirements. Continue reading to learn more.

3 Reasons to Become a Gestational Surrogate in Georgia

You likely have your own reasons for becoming a surrogate mother in Georgia. Below, we’ll cover three of the most common (and most important) reasons below.

You’re Giving a Selfless Gift

By being a surrogate, you’re fulfilling dreams for intended parents who may have probably walked a painful path to become parents. Carrying a baby for a couple who wants to share their love with a family of their own is one of the most compelling reasons to be a surrogate mother in GA.

You’re Bettering Your Family’s Life

Being a surrogate mom in Georgia means you’ll also get to better your family’s financial situation, too. You’ll be compensated as a surrogate, and that money can go towards things like:

Pay for being a surrogate in GA ranges from $50,000 – $110,000 for first-time surrogates, and that amount of money can significantly impact your financial status.

You’re Performing an Amazing Job

Being a surrogate in Georgia lets you change lives and provides you with a tremendous feeling of accomplishment. It also sets a strong example for your kids because they’ll see you embrace the challenge of being a surrogate mom in GA because you know it is important. That experience can help your kids grow into the kind of people who accept the opportunity to do something incredible.

How to Become a Gestational Surrogate in Georgia: The 6-Step Process

There are six primary steps that most women encounter when navigating how to become a surrogate mom in Georgia. Read on to learn about the process.

Step 1: Deciding If Surrogacy is In Your Best Interest 

Every woman must decide for herself whether surrogacy is the right thing to do. If you’re still debating whether or not being a surrogate in GA is in your best interest, ask yourself these questions

Being a surrogate in Georgia won’t work for everyone, and that’s fine. Please speak with a specialist who can help you decide if it’s right for you before moving forward.  Finding a good agency is critical because they’ll help you understand the process, search for an intended parent match, and navigate the medical aspects of surrogacy.

You should also know some agencies, especially national agencies, have shorter wait times for an intended parent match than others. That means you could start the process as soon as three months. Below are three of the top national surrogacy agencies that can help you begin:

Step 2: Completing the Screening Process 

The next step in becoming a surrogate mother in Georgia is completing the screening process. Screening ensures you’re physically and emotionally prepared for what’s ahead. You’ll be screened to make sure you meet a few qualifications including: 

Don’t worry, though, as your surrogacy specialist will be by your side the entire way to assist and guide you.  

Step 3: Finding a Suitable Intended Parent Match 

If you plan on being a surrogate in Georgia, it will be important for you to find intended parents that match your preferences. Your surrogacy specialist will help define what you want when they help you learn how to become a surrogate in GA. They can counsel you on compensation and your relationship with the intended parents, too.  

Being a surrogate in GA gives you control over much of your experience, and that includes selecting the intended parents. Finding a good match is important, and you can take all the time you need.   

Step 4: Making Your Legal Contract 

Another step in how to become a surrogate mother in Georgia is creating a legal contract. Attorneys representing you and the intended parents draft a contract that ensures your rights are protected throughout the process. Your surrogacy attorney will consult with you on legal topics like compensation, protection and potential risks.

After each side has a draft contract, the attorneys will review the terms and adjust as necessary. Finally, you get to approve of any changes. When the contract is finalized, the medical part of surrogacy can begin.  

Step 5: Getting Ready for the Embryo Transfer 

Have you wondered, “How does being a surrogate work in Georgia in terms of the medical procedure?” You should know there’s no need to worry. A fertility clinic will work closely with you to track your cycle. They’ll also administer medications to prepare your body for the embryo transfer. 

First, the eggs are retrieved and fertilized in a laboratory to form an embryo. Once embryos are available, they can be transferred to the surrogate. Afterwards, an examination confirms that the pregnancy is viable, and then you’ll start receiving base compensation and your monthly allowance.

Step 6: Preparing Yourself for Labor and Delivery 

The defining moment of being a surrogate mom in Georgia is the moment the child is born. Your surrogacy specialist can assist you with your plan to communicate your expectations for the hospital experience. Your surrogacy professional will be accessible and ready to answer any questions that arise during the process.  

When you go into labor, the intended parents will join you at the hospital. After the birth, you’ll be discharged from the hospital, and you can go on to continue your relationship with the intended parents and witness the impact of your selfless choice. 

How Does Being a Surrogate Mother Work in Georgia: Last Impressions

If you’re interested in being a surrogate in Georgia, please know it will be life-changing for you and the intended parents. You’ll be fulfilling their dreams and providing your own family with a better life. If you have more questions about how to become a surrogate in GA, you should consult a surrogacy professional. You can connect with one today by completing our free online form.

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