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How to Become a Surrogate in Illinois

In this article, we will provide you with information about how to become a surrogate in Illinois.

As a surrogate, you’re not only helping others start a family, but you’ll also receive compensation for the wonderful sacrifice you’re making. If you plan on being a surrogate in Illinois, you could benefit from having a professional in your corner to provide support as you learn how to become a surrogate mom in Illinois. You can connect with one today by simply completing our online form.

You can also read below to learn a few common reasons that women choose to become a surrogate in Illinois. We’ll also discuss the process of becoming a surrogate in Illinois and how to meet the medical requirements and legal requirements, so read on to learn more.

3 Reasons to Become a Gestational Surrogate in Illinois

You probably have your own reasons for becoming a surrogate mother in Illinois, but we’ll discuss some of the most common (and most important) ones below.

You’re Helping Others Realize Their Dreams

When serving as a surrogate, you’re helping others realize their dreams. Many times, the intended parents who are considering surrogacy have traveled a painful road to starting a family. Becoming a surrogate may be the greatest gift you can give, and it’s one of the most compelling reasons to be a surrogate mother in IL.

You’re Raising Your Family’s Financial Standing

Being a surrogate mom in Illinois lets you improve your family’s financial situation through the compensation you get as a surrogate. Compensation for being a surrogate in IL ranges from $50,000 – $110,000 for first-time surrogates. That money can help you fund things like:

You’re Doing Something Amazing

Being a surrogate in Illinois provides you with a gratifying sense of accomplishment. You’ll be providing a memorable example for your kids because they can see you as the kind of person who steps in to help another family make their dreams come true.

How to Become a Gestational Surrogate in Illinois: The 6-Step Process

For most scenarios, there are six basic steps women encounter when learning how to become a surrogate mom in Illinois. Keep reading to learn more about the process.

Step 1: Determining Whether You Want to Be a Surrogate 

You’re the only person who can decide if surrogacy is right for you. If you’re still wondering if being a surrogate in IL is in your best interests, consider these questions

Being a surrogate in Illinois isn’t right for everybody, so it’s a good idea to discuss your options with a specialist before moving ahead. With a surrogacy professional on your team, you’ll get expert guidance throughout the process, assistance with your search for an intended parent match, and help with the medical aspects of surrogacy.

National agencies feature shorter wait times for an intended parent match, so you could begin the process in as little as three months. Below, you’ll find three top national surrogacy agencies that can assist you:

Step 2: Getting Through the Screening Process

When becoming a surrogate mother in Illinois, you’ll have to complete the screening process. The screening process helps assess whether you’re physically and emotionally prepared for pregnancy and delivery. The requirements include: 

Though the requirements may seem intimidating, don’t worry because your surrogacy specialist will guide and assist you throughout the process.  

Step 3: Finding a Solid Intended Parent Match 

If you are focused on being a surrogate in Illinois, you must connect with intended parents that align with your wishes. Your surrogacy specialist can help you choose the traits you want in intended parents as you learn how to become a surrogate in IL. They’ll also advise you about compensation and what kind of relationship you want with the intended parents. 

Being a surrogate in IL means you’re in control of your experience, including which intended parents you choose. You get to take your time when searching for the perfect couple.   

Step 4: Making Your Legal Contract 

Your next step in how to become a surrogate mother in Illinois is creating a legal contract that reflects your expectations. Your attorney will collaborate with the attorney for the intended parents to draft a contract that ensures your rights will be protected throughout the process. Your surrogacy attorney can advise you on topics such as compensation, protection and potential risks. When the contract is finalized, the medical portion of surrogacy begins.  

Step 5: Getting Prepared for the Embryo Transfer 

If you’re wondering, “How does being a surrogate work in Illinois in terms of the medical procedure?” please know there’s no need to worry. A fertility clinic will monitor your cycle and administer medications to prepare your body for embryo transfer. 

During the process, the intended mother’s eggs are harvested and fertilized with the intended father’s sperm to create an embryo. Once the embryos are ready, they can be transferred to the surrogate’s womb, where an examination can confirm the pregnancy is viable. Once that happens, you’ll begin receiving base compensation and a monthly allowance.

Step 6: Preparing for the Hospital Experience 

Being a surrogate mom in Illinois reaches its peak with the birth of the child. Your surrogacy specialist will communicate your expectations for the hospital experience via your birth plan, and they’ll be on standby to answer any questions during the process.  

The intended parents will be present at the hospital after labor begins. Following the birth, you’ll be discharged from the hospital, and you can continue your relationship with the intended parents and witness the full impact of your selfless choice. 

How Does Being a Surrogate Mother Work in Illinois: Final Words

Being a surrogate in Illinois is important because it will impact the lives of the intended parents and your own family.  Though you’re bringing their dreams to life, you are also giving your family a better financial situation through the compensation you’ll receive. If you have remaining questions about how to become a surrogate in IL, you should contact a surrogacy professional. You can connect with one today by completing our free online form.

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