Surrogacy Agencies in Iowa

Surrogacy Agencies in Iowa Overview

Surrogacy can bring you and your family a new chapter of life, love and joy, but you will need help along the way. Read on to learn about the best surrogacy agencies in Iowa and how to get started on your surrogacy journey.

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What Is Gestational Surrogacy in Iowa?

Gestational surrogacy is the main type of surrogacy that is practiced throughout the United States. In gestational surrogacy, the surrogate carries a pregnancy for intended parents. The embryo used in the pregnancy is often created using the intended parents’ sperm or eggs and can also use donor eggs and sperm.

The gestational carrier is not genetically related to the child that she carries in this type of surrogacy, which can eliminate some of the complications that may arise in traditional surrogacy (where the surrogate is genetically related to the embryo she carries).

Traditional surrogacy is rarely practiced today, and gestational surrogacy is generally what people are referring to when they say “surrogacy”.

What Are Surrogacy Agencies in Iowa?

Surrogacy agencies in Iowa are organizations that support intended parents and surrogates throughout the surrogacy process. Surrogacy agencies offer many services that are necessary for surrogacy.

What Are the Benefits of Working with a Surrogacy Agency in Iowa?

Working with a surrogacy agency in Iowa can make the process of surrogacy easier to navigate and less stressful. Agencies can help you find a surrogate, provide screening and counseling, provide legal and medical support, and can help you make sure the surrogacy arrangement you make meets Iowa’s state requirements.

What are the Top Surrogacy Agencies in Iowa?

Some of the top surrogacy agencies in Iowa include:

Is Surrogacy Legal in Iowa?

Yes, surrogacy is allowed by law in Iowa. Iowa is considered one of the more surrogacy-friendly states in the US and courts generally recognize gestational surrogacy arrangements. Although surrogacy in Iowa is legal, there are some requirements that intended parents and surrogates must meet for the surrogacy to be completed and the legal processes to be valid.

Get Help with the Surrogacy Legal Process

While surrogacy is legal in Iowa, it is important to have the right help so that you can meet the guidelines that the state outlines for intended parents and surrogates. This can ensure that your surrogacy goes smoothly. Having a surrogacy agency in Iowa with legal help available to you can be an important part of getting the help you need.

How Much Does Surrogacy Cost in Iowa?

Surrogacy is free to surrogates, and surrogates can be compensated $30,000-50,000 or more in addition to receiving expense reimbursements for pregnancy-related costs.

Surrogacy in Iowa can cost between $120,000 to $150,000 or more for the intended parents. This cost can be a large expense to budget for, but many intended parents find that the cost is well worth having a child they have been dreaming of.

These costs depend on several factors including:

How to Compare Surrogacy Agency Costs

When you choose a surrogacy agency in Iowa as an intended parent, ask what services are included in the fees that are quoted to you, and pay attention to how your surrogacy agency financially protects you.

Some surrogacy agencies will offer flat fees, as well as refundable fees and multiple surrogacy matches if a surrogacy attempt is not successful. Other surrogacy agencies can quote individual expenses and may charge more for a second surrogacy attempt if the first attempt is unsuccessful.

Tip: Look for agencies that offer financial certainty by offering fixed fees and the ability to match again if your first surrogacy match doesn’t work—like American Surrogacy. Also make sure you ask about what fees are refundable if your surrogacy journey ends without success.

How to Become a Surrogate in Iowa

As a potential surrogate, you can get started on your surrogacy journey by finding a great surrogacy agency in Iowa. A great surrogacy agency will thoroughly screen you and the intended parents to ensure that you are ready both physically and emotionally. The agency will then match you with potential intended parents and you will complete a thorough medical evaluation and then draft a surrogacy agreement with legal professionals based on the legal requirements in Iowa.

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