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Surrogacy Agencies in Louisiana

Coming together as intended parents and a surrogate on a shared journey to bring a baby into the world can be beautiful. The right surrogacy agency can help you handle the details of surrogacy and complete your journey successfully.

To get help with surrogacy agencies in Louisiana you can click here. You can also read on to learn about surrogacy laws in Louisiana, the costs of the process, and how surrogacy agencies in Louisiana can help you complete your journey.

Is Surrogacy Legal in Louisiana?

Yes, some forms of surrogacy are legal in Louisiana. However, there are many restrictions placed on surrogacy in Louisiana, and usually it is best for intended parents to match with surrogates who live outside of Louisiana.

Surrogacy Laws in Louisiana

Surrogacy laws in Louisiana can be complex as there are few circumstances where surrogacy is legal in Louisiana. You can get help understanding surrogacy laws in Louisiana with the help of a surrogacy agency, who can connect you to legal professional help.

The restrictions on surrogacy in Louisiana include:

Surrogacy Agencies in Louisiana

If you are looking for surrogacy agencies in Louisiana that can help the intended parents and surrogates throughout the surrogacy process, you may have a more difficult journey than in other states.

For intended parents in Louisiana, seeking out national surrogacy agencies may give you more options

Some of the top surrogacy agencies in Louisiana include American Surrogacy, Simple Surrogacy, ConceiveAbilities, and Center for Surrogate Parenting.

If you are looking for surrogacy agencies in Louisiana, you can find help with the following services:

How Much Does Surrogacy Cost in Louisiana?

While many states have predictable surrogacy costs, the cost of surrogacy in Louisiana is harder to predict. In Louisiana, surrogates are unable to be compensated if they choose to become gestational carriers, but they can receive reimbursement for some expenses.

It may be more difficult to find a surrogate in Louisiana due to the laws banning compensated surrogacy. However, you can still choose to be a surrogate and choose to find a surrogate outside of Louisiana or within the state. If you find a surrogate in the state, compensation will not be a factor in the cost.

In other states, surrogates can be compensated $30,000-50,000 or more for their contributions to surrogacy. Additionally, surrogates are generally reimbursed for pregnancy-related expenses that are necessary for surrogacy, including travel, maternity clothes, and things like prenatal vitamins.

For intended parents, Surrogacy in Louisiana can cost between $120,000 to $150,000 and can depend on multiple factors.

These factors can include:

How to Become a Surrogate in Louisiana

If you are a woman interested in gestational surrogacy in Louisiana, there are basic requirements that almost all surrogacy agencies will require you to meet. Most will require you to be:

You will also need to pass screenings at the surrogacy agency you choose. These screenings are intended to keep you safe and give intended parents the best possible chance of conceiving.

If you want to become a surrogate in Louisiana, you should also note that you cannot be compensated for surrogacy, and so you will need to be comfortable completing a surrogacy as a gesture of goodwill and only be reimbursed for your real expenses.

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