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Surrogacy Agencies in Maine

When you embark on a journey to bring a new baby into the world through surrogacy, you are taking the first step in a hopeful and beautiful process. Finding surrogacy agencies in Maine can help you complete your journey worry-free.

Maine is generally surrogacy-friendly, but you will need expert help to complete your journey. You can get information from a surrogacy professional on surrogacy in Maine when you click here. You can also read on to learn more about surrogacy in Maine.

Surrogacy in Maine

Surrogacy is legal in Maine. However, intended parents and surrogates should be aware of the legal guidelines for surrogacy in Maine. Surrogacy is regulated by laws that require intended parents and surrogates to meet certain guidelines, and the legal process of surrogacy in Maine is specific to the state and can change.

It is recommended to work with an experienced attorney to ensure all legal requirements are met, and a surrogacy agency can help you connect to the legal help you need.

Surrogacy Laws in Maine

Maine has laws that govern the process of surrogacy and regulate what is allowed during the process. Your surrogacy agency and a legal professional can help you with the details of surrogacy, but some of the basics you can start with are that:

Surrogacy Agencies in Maine

Surrogacy agencies can be crucial in helping you have a happy and healthy surrogacy journey. You can get help in Maine from reputable surrogacy agencies, including:

Surrogacy agencies in Maine can provide you with a variety of services including: screening and matching surrogates and intended parents, offering legal support, and coordinating medical procedures. Some agencies can also offer you support throughout your surrogacy process.

Surrogacy Clinics in Maine

Surrogacy clinics in Maine offer medical services such as IVF, embryo transfers, and prenatal care. Surrogacy clinics work along with surrogacy agencies in Maine to help you complete a successful surrogacy journey.

Some of the reputable clinics that offer surrogacy services include the Center for Advanced Reproductive Services, Fertility Centers of New England and Boston IVF. You can also ask a surrogacy agency for clinic recommendations, as surrogacy agencies in Maine may have previous experience working with clinics. It is recommended to research the clinic’s success rates and their experience with surrogacy before choosing one.

Surrogacy Cost in Maine

Surrogates can receive $30,000-50,000 or more when they choose to be gestational surrogates. Additionally, surrogates are generally reimbursed for pregnancy-related expenses like:

For intended parents, Surrogacy in Maine can have costs of $120,000 to $150,000—more or less depending on contributing factors like:

Surrogacy agencies in Maine can provide an estimate of the cost of surrogacy, which can help intended parents plan accordingly.

How to Become a Surrogate in Maine

Becoming a surrogate in Maine requires that you meet specific eligibility criteria. Surrogates must be above the age of 21, have had at least one successful pregnancy, be in good health, and pass a medical and psychological evaluation.

The best way to begin your journey is to contact a surrogacy agency in Maine like American Surrogacy or Creative Family Connections.

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Maine is a welcoming state for surrogacy, with several reputable surrogacy agencies and clinics, and getting help from a surrogacy agency in Maine can give you a great start on a happy and successful surrogacy.

To get help with your surrogacy journey, you can get connected with a surrogacy professional today.

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