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Surrogacy Agencies in Pennsylvania

Surrogacy in Pennsylvania is a wonderful way for surrogates to help people become parents and a safe way for intended parents to grow their families.

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What is Surrogacy in Pennsylvania?

Surrogacy in Pennsylvania is when surrogates and intended parents have a child with the assistance of a surrogate (gestational carrier). Several surrogacy professionals help each surrogacy party complete the process:

What Surrogacy Agencies in Pennsylvania Do

A Pennsylvania surrogacy agency provides all the services needed to complete the surrogacy process. This includes but is not limited to the following:

If you’re still looking for a surrogacy agency to work with, the following are the best surrogacy agencies in Pennsylvania you can choose from:

5 Steps for Surrogacy in Pennsylvania

Every surrogacy in Pennsylvania is different, but in general, surrogates and intended parents will go through these surrogacy steps. 

Step 1: Choose a Surrogacy Agency to Work With

After determining that surrogacy in Pennsylvania is right for you, you’ll choose an agency to work with during the process.

A surrogacy professional at an agency will help coordinate these surrogacy essentials:

  1. Finish Surrogacy Screenings: Surrogacy agencies in Pennsylvania assist hopeful intended parents and surrogates complete mandatory psychological, physical, and medical screenings. This ensures everyone can safely pursue surrogacy.
  2. Find a Surrogacy Lawyer:  Intended parents and gestational carriers will work with their own surrogacy attorneys. Your attorney will support your interests and help you draft a surrogacy contract.
  3. Matching Services: Surrogacy agencies in Pennsylvania can help intended parents and potential surrogate mothers match.
  4. Practical and Emotional Support: Surrogacy professionals can help intended parents and surrogates through the stressful and emotional aspects of the surrogacy journey.

Step 2: Match With a Surrogacy Partner

Intended parents and surrogates seeking surrogacy in Pennsylvania can match with someone in or outside the state.

Surrogacy agencies in Pennsylvania with shorter wait times are the best for surrogates and intended parents. For example, American Surrogacy has an average match time of 30 to 90 days. The agency can maintain these times by:

Step 3: Create a Surrogacy Contract in Pennsylvania

If you’re wondering, “Is surrogacy legal in Pennsylvania,” the answer is yes.

Thanks to a 2006 case, surrogacy laws in Pennsylvania are favorable to the family-building practice.

To help you through the legal surrogacy process, an agency will refer the surrogate and the intended parents to different but equally qualified surrogacy attorneys who know the surrogacy laws in Pennsylvania.

The surrogacy contract will cover the following points:

Step 4: Start the Medical Surrogacy Process

The embryo transfer process usually takes place at the intended parents’ fertility clinic. The embryo is created through IVF using the egg and sperm of donors or the intended parents. It’s then transferred to the gestational surrogate’s uterus.

Sometimes several cycles of transfers are needed for a healthy pregnancy to occur. Once a doctor confirms a healthy pregnancy, surrogates can go to their OB-GYN for regular prenatal care.

From that point, surrogates and intended parents typically keep in touch as the baby grows.

Step 5: Finish Your Surrogacy in Pennsylvania

After the surrogate delivers the intended parents’ child, she will be discharged from the hospital and return home to recover and reflect on the gift she gave the intended parents, and the parents will start their life with their child.

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