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Surrogacy Agencies in Rhode Island

Surrogacy agencies in Rhode Island have extensive experience aiding surrogates and intended parents during their unique surrogacy journeys.

Connect with us now to learn more about how surrogacy works in Rhode Island. We will put you in contact with surrogacy agencies in Rhode Island that can tell you everything you need to know about surrogacy in the state.

What is Surrogacy in Rhode Island?

Surrogacy in Rhode Island includes surrogates, intended parents, and surrogacy professionals. These surrogacy professionals typically include:

Choosing to Work With Surrogacy Agencies in Rhode Island

Surrogacy agencies in Rhode Island will pair you with a surrogacy professional that is ready to help you through your surrogacy journey. These professionals will answer all your questions about surrogacy and provide you with the following services:

If you’re still looking for a surrogacy agency to work with, this is a good place to start:

How to Find a Surrogacy Match in Rhode Island

Although you can choose to work with someone you already know to complete your surrogacy partnership, surrogacy agencies in Rhode Island can help you find a match.

Generally, agencies that have shorter wait times benefit surrogates and intended parents. For example, American Surrogacy has an average match time of 30 to 90 days. The agency can maintain these times by:

Understanding the Cost of Surrogacy in Rhode Island

Generally, surrogacy in Rhode Island costs between $120,000 and $250,000.

For reference, American Surrogacy offers two unique programs that range from $113,500 to $184,900, depending on which program you choose. This covers American Surrogacy’s:

The benefit of working with an agency with a fixed-free structure is that all costs are transparent.

Surrogate Base Compensation in Rhode Island

First-time surrogates receive $45,000-50,000 for their time and energy. Repeat surrogates can often receive more — up to $75,000. The surrogate can use this money however she wishes.

Surrogacy is free to all gestational carriers, and every surrogate will get reimbursed for all their surrogacy- and pregnancy-related expenses.

Is Surrogacy Legal in Rhode Island?

Yes. Although no formal surrogacy laws in Rhode Island exist, a single court hears surrogacy cases in the state. This helps create consistency.

Surrogacy contracts created by surrogacy attorneys can ensure the following occurs in your Rhode Island surrogacy journey:

What are the Steps for a Surrogacy in Rhode Island?

Intended parents and surrogates can start their surrogacy journeys by contacting a surrogacy professional at an agency.

When you reach out to a surrogacy agency, you will go through the following steps:

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