Surrogacy Agencies in South Dakota

Families with high hopes of starting a family through surrogacy and aspiring surrogates can enjoy numerous advantages by collaborating with surrogacy agencies in South Dakota. These agencies offer comprehensive emotional and practical assistance throughout the surrogacy journey.

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Why Work With Surrogacy Agencies in South Dakota

Surrogacy agencies in South Dakota are multiservice organizations that employ surrogacy professionals. These professionals provide support throughout the entire surrogacy process.

Surrogacy is a wonderful journey that is multifaceted. And while all surrogacy journeys have ups and downs, your surrogacy professional will cover the technical aspects of your journey, giving you time to focus on your needs.

Choosing Surrogacy Agencies in South Dakota to Work With

The best surrogacy agencies in South Dakota have experience and offer benefits that help each surrogacy party.

The following are just some of the surrogacy agencies in South Dakota you could choose to work with:

3 Essential Steps to the Surrogacy Process

While no surrogacy journey is the same, everyone who chooses this family-building option will go through the same steps. The following are the common steps you can expect to go through during the surrogacy in South Dakota process:

Step 1: Pick Surrogacy, Complete Screenings and Match

Surrogacy in South Dakota is a rewarding experience for prospective intended parents and surrogates.

Becoming a surrogate mother in South Dakota or using surrogacy as a family-building option may be right for you if:

Match Times

Surrogacy professionals have experience helping people like you match with the best surrogacy partner (intended parents and surrogates).

Surrogacy agencies in South Dakota with shorter matching wait times benefit everyone involved in the surrogacy process.

For example, American Surrogacy has an average match time of 30 to 90 days. The agency can maintain this by:

Surrogacy Fees and Surrogate Compensation

The best way to find surrogacy agencies in South Dakota to work with is to look at their fee structure. The best agencies tend to have transparent intended parent costs and offer surrogates competitive base compensation.

Surrogacy in South Dakota costs between $120,000 and $250,000, and American Surrogacy, an agency with a fixed-fee structure, has a transparent cost of $149,900. The fixed price covers the agency’s services, gestational carrier fees, and medical and legal fees. 

Most surrogates earn anywhere from $45,000 to $75,000 in base compensation. First-time surrogates with American Surrogacy earn $45,000 to $50,000. A surrogate can use this money however she wants to.

Case Management

Surrogacy agencies in South Dakota should offer comprehensive services to the gestational carriers and intended parents they help.

When you work with an agency like American Surrogacy, you can rest assured that your surrogacy professional will handle your entire surrogacy journey’s paperwork, scheduling, and more, so you can focus on your needs.

Complete Surrogacy Screenings

Prospective surrogates and hopeful intended parents complete a series of screenings your professional will help schedule. This includes:

These screenings are in place to make sure everyone remains safe while working with surrogacy agencies in South Dakota.

Step 2: Sign the Surrogacy Contract and Start the Medical Process

You and your surrogacy partner will work with your own surrogacy attorney. This helps ensure that everyone gets the care and support they need and that their rights are preserved.

Each surrogacy attorney will help craft a surrogacy contract that keeps everyone safe and the surrogacy legal. The contract will cover the following:

Surrogacy Laws in South Dakota

If you’re curious if the laws will allow those wondering how to become a surrogate in South Dakota to pursue the option or if people can grow their families using this method, the answer is yes.

Although no formal surrogacy laws in South Dakota exist, surrogacy is allowed in the state.

A surrogacy attorney will create a legal contract that will ensure the following:

Step 3: Complete the Surrogacy Journey

Your surrogacy professional and attorney will stay in contact with you during the baby’s delivery and before the hospital discharge to complete all necessary legal steps.

Next, the surrogate will receive her final compensation payment, and the parents will go home with their child!

The Next Steps to Working with Surrogacy Agencies in South Dakota

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