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How All Roads Lead to a Surrogacy Agency

As either a hopeful intended parent or a prospective surrogate, when you begin your research on surrogacy, understanding all of the different terminologies can be a challenge. Because having a basic understanding of the most commonly used terms gives you a jump start on your research, we are here to help make sense of it all!

The deeper you get into information, you will likely run into terms like “surrogacy programs,” surrogacy companies,” or maybe “surrogacy centers.” This guide explains that although there may be many different terms involving surrogacy, they are synonymous with a surrogacy agency. Here, you will learn about the helpful benefits an agency can provide and what to look for when searching for the best surrogacy programs.

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Until then, continue reading this guide on the importance of finding the best surrogacy agency!

What are Surrogacy Programs, Companies, and Centers?

Although you may find many different terms, ultimately, all roads lead to the services of a surrogacy agency. Because surrogacy is such a life-changing decision, finding the best professional to guide you through the process is essential to the overall experience and success. 

But what exactly is a surrogacy agency, and what do they do?                  

The goal of a surrogacy agency is to put your needs first and help lead you through a successful surrogacy. From offering essential services such as screening and matching to partnering you with resources like surrogacy attorneys and clinics, the best professionals make your process as stress-free as possible. The best surrogacy programs (agencies) will offer services like:

Whether you are an intended parent or a carrier, surrogate companies (agencies) educate you on the process, facilitate any meetings needed between the two parties, help you plan for the medical procedures — essentially, everything needed to keep you on track towards a successful surrogacy. 

Anytime you have questions about the best surrogacy programs and their services, fill out this online form to get more information. Keep reading to learn more about what to look for as you begin your search for the best surrogacy agency.

What to Look for when Searching for the Best Surrogacy Agency

Because the agency you choose will be by your side from the first step until well after the last step when your surrogacy is complete, it is essential that you find an agency you are comfortable with and puts your needs first. With surrogacy being a fairly new childbirth option, there are no specific regulations put into place about the services a surrogacy program must offer. 

Researching your options is crucial towards finding the best agency and fully understanding what level of service to expect. It starts with asking surrogate companies you are interested in questions about the services they will provide. Some of the best questions to ask include:

What is the screening process for surrogates and intended parents?

A surrogacy program’s responsibility is to ensure all intended parents and carriers are physically, mentally, and emotionally ready to pursue this life-changing path. Understanding the screening process can help jumpstart both your search for an agency and your surrogacy itself. The best agencies will make sure you are completely educated on the screening process and requirements to proceed with your journey.

How long have you been completing surrogacies?

Finding a surrogacy company well-versed in your state requirements, processes, and with professionals who can help along the way should be a top priority. Although surrogacy is becoming more common, you want to rely on a trusted and respected agency. Agencies that have been around for a while will also have success stories, statistics, referrals/testimonials, and more. This information provides peace of mind that you are working with a well-trained resource.

How many cases do you typically have a year?

The intention behind asking how many cases an agency handles each year is not to determine how popular the professional is but more so to determine the level of attention and involvement you will receive if you choose their services. 

What services are offered to carriers and intended parents?

This is one of the most important questions you can ask. Having a complete understanding of an agency’s services is the best way to determine which professionals are or are not right for you. You want to find an agency that fully understands your goals for surrogacy and will provide the services necessary to help you achieve them.

What costs are associated with your agency?

For intended parents, surrogacy can be an expensive journey. The costs of an agency are generally dependent upon the level of services they provide. Although you want to be financially comfortable and only pursue an agency you can afford, you also want to avoid only going after the least expensive agencies. 

Often, agencies that claim to have the lowest costs also provide the least amount of services, which ends up adding fees when you have to hire other professionals. Finding a surrogacy company that is fully transparent with their fees gives you the best understanding of what you can expect to pay. 

These are just a few of the questions you may consider asking surrogacy programs. You are in complete control of making the final decision. Below, you will find respected agencies from all around the United States that you may consider pursuing as your surrogacy professionals to guide you through this amazing journey.

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When you make the life-changing decision to pursue surrogacy, your needs should always come first. Working with a professional who understands your goals should be a top priority. Because the surrogacy programs you choose will impact the overall outcome and experience of your surrogacy, you want to weigh your options carefully before making any decisions.

Anytime you have questions or concerns about finding the best agency, contact a surrogacy professional by filling out this online form. By doing so, you will get the answers and information you need to feel confident in your ability to make a choice and to start your surrogacy journey whenever you are ready!

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