Types of Surrogacy Agencies

3 Ways Surrogacy Agencies and Fertility Clinics Are Different

Because more alternative family building methods have risen in popularity over recent decades, surrogacy has moved to the forefront of family planning methods.  

With more hopeful parents wanting to use surrogacy to grow their family, the number of professionals that provides these services has increased to keep up with demand. Two of the most integral professions that intended parents and surrogates often seek out for their surrogacy are surrogacy agencies and fertility clinics. Both play an important part in the surrogacy process.  

But, how do you know which is best for your surrogacy journey?  

Listed below are three key areas where surrogacy agencies and fertility clinics differ. You can also reach out to a surrogacy specialist to get the guidance you need. 

1. They Provide Different Services 

Surrogacy agencies and fertility clinics each have a part to play in the process. As you’ll see, the services that provide are quite different. 

Surrogacy Agencies 

Fertility Clinics 

The majority of the services fertility clinics offer will come into play during the medical portion of the process such as: 

2. They Have Different Areas of Expertise 

When it comes to expertise, you can usually count on surrogacy agencies to have the advantage here. Surrogacy agencies are staffed with professionals who have been trained to help surrogate mothers and intended parents navigate the surrogacy process.   

These specialists know what goes into a successful surrogacy partnership between surrogates and intended parents, and will be able to help you figure out what kind of surrogacy match is best for you, as well as how to navigate this surrogacy relationship.  

Surrogacy agencies are knowledgeable of the inner workings of the relationship between a surrogate mother and the intended parents, not only during the surrogacy process but after as well.  Many intended parents come to see the surrogate as part of the family. 

The surrogate often remains in contact with the intended parents and their baby for years to come. Your surrogacy specialist can help both sides figure out post-birth contact arrangements if needed. 

While not every surrogacy agency provides fertility services, some do. Those that don’t, have a strong network of professionals that they’ll be able to connect you with. Your surrogacy specialist will be able to walk you through what the embryo transfer process entails and can help you prepare. 

Many surrogacy agencies will be well-versed in your state’s surrogacy laws, and/or will be able to connect you with a surrogacy attorney who specializes in surrogacy law. 

Fertility clinics’ expertise shines through when it comes to finding a sperm or egg donor and the embryo transfer process. Your surrogacy agency will be able to connect you with a fertility clinic that suits what you’re looking for whenever you’re ready to begin the embryo transfer process. 

3. They Work with You for Different Parts of the Process 

During a process with as many moving parts as surrogacy, consistency can instill a sense of security and ease a lot of stress for everyone involved. When you work with a surrogacy agency, you’ll be guaranteed consistency, because a surrogacy agency will walk with you through the entire process. 

 A surrogacy agency will be with you on your surrogacy journey from start to finish. They will be able to guide you through every step of the process. Your surrogacy specialist will be available to you to answer your questions and to make sure all your bases are covered. 

Fertility clinics can offer consistent support when it comes to fertility testing, egg/sperm donation and embryo transfer portion of the surrogacy process. But, what about when the pregnancy is confirmed?  

At this point, many fertility clinics may drop off. Beyond the medical services, fertility clinics may not be able to provide vital support and resources that are necessary for a successful, stress-free process. 

Both clinics and surrogacy agencies are important to the surrogacy process. You will always benefit when you utilize the help of a surrogacy agency. To begin your surrogacy journey today, contact us here. 

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