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Gestational Surrogacy [Your Complete Guide]

Whether you are an intended parent or a prospective surrogate, you might be asking, “Where can I find a gestational surrogacy agency?” Our answer: nearly anywhere. Surrogacy professionals in the U.S. almost exclusively complete gestational surrogacies because traditional surrogacies are risky and complex.

Gestational surrogacy is the most common type of surrogacy pursued today. It’s a path that has helped many people realize their dreams of parenthood that seemed otherwise impossible. You can contact us online at any time if you have questions as you’re reading along. We would love to help you out in any way that we can. In the meantime, learn more about gestational surrogacy in this detailed guide.

Gestational Surrogacy Definition [What Does It Mean?]

Gestational surrogacy is when the child does not have any biological ties to the surrogate. In this case, the surrogate is often known as the gestational carrier. This is because the gestational surrogacy process uses in vitro fertilization (IVF). It’s a procedure that combines the intended parents’ (and/or third-party donors’) eggs and sperm, which creates an embryo and then transfers that embryo to the surrogate.

Some other terms for gestational surrogacy include “host surrogacy” and “full surrogacy.” Keep in mind that the surrogate has no genetic relation to the baby. In most cases, at least one intended parent does, and sometimes both do. This makes the gestational surrogacy process much simpler when compared to something like traditional surrogacy. Unlike traditional surrogacy, there is no need for the surrogate to terminate parental rights or for a stepparent adoption to take place (in most states and situations).

In terms of the types of intended parents who typically work with gestational surrogate agencies, here are some examples:

How Does Gestational Surrogacy Work? [The Gestational Surrogacy Process Explained]

Although no two surrogacies are the same, the process of gestational surrogacy can be broken down into a handful of digestible steps. The vast majority of surrogacies in the U.S. today are gestational, so many of the best surrogacy agencies have optimized their process to give you the smoothest experience possible.

From a general standpoint, gestational surrogacy involves:

Intended parents can either pursue an independent surrogacy and find a prospective surrogate on their own or work with a gestational carrier agency. Most people choose the latter path so that the gestational surrogacy agency can do all the heavy lifting. The best gestational surrogacy agency will help you find the perfect match and take all your preferences into account.

After you have found a match, both parties will work with a reputable surrogacy attorney to ensure that everything is handled in a legal and ethical fashion. They will also discuss surrogacy compensation for the gestational carrier. Once the legalities have been approved, it’s time for the IVF process, which will happen in one of the following ways:

Once the clinic has created the embryo, it’s time for the gestational surrogate pregnancy. The embryo will be transferred to the surrogate, and they will carry the pregnancy to term. Keep in mind that the overall process will vary depending on your state’s surrogacy laws. Be sure to speak with your surrogacy professional so they can explain how gestational surrogacy works for your situation.

Benefits of Gestational Surrogacy

There is a reason that most intended parents and prospective surrogates alike choose gestational surrogacy. There are many benefits that make it an appealing choice. We’ve put together a list of some of those advantages below:

How to Find a Gestational Surrogacy Agency

Searching for the best gestational surrogacy agencies can be overwhelming. So, we put together a brief list of professionals that can handle your gestational surrogacy, whether you are an intended parent or a prospective surrogate:

If you have any more questions about gestational surrogacy, then please don’t hesitate to contact us online today to get more surrogacy information. We look forward to hearing from you!

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