Types of Surrogacy Agencies

How to Find Surrogate Agencies for Gay Couples

If you are in the LGBTQ+ community and want to have a baby through surrogacy, then you’ll want to find some gay-friendly surrogacy agencies. Fortunately, many surrogacy agencies have helped LGBTQ+ couples and individuals complete successful surrogacies. To learn more now, contact us online today.

Though you may have heard about discrimination when it comes to LGBTQ+ adoption, there is a decreased likelihood of discrimination in surrogacy for gay parents. In some states, religious adoption agencies are allowed to turn people away for religious reasons, but surrogacy usually doesn’t share that issue. As a result, there are many surrogate agencies for gay couples to choose from, and it can be helpful to have so many options.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll go over how to find gay surrogacy agencies and what the surrogacy process generally entails. We’ll go in-depth on how to find an agency, why you should work with one and much more.

How Do I Find a Gay-Friendly Surrogacy And Egg Donation Agency?

From a general standpoint, surrogacy agencies are upfront about their support for the LGBTQ+ community. You should be able to tell right off the bat whether they have gay surrogacy options for you, as many will go above and beyond to ensure your comfort. Some agencies may have a page on their website specifically for LGBT surrogacy.

Also, some surrogacy agencies will send you information for same-sex surrogacy once you have contacted them. The Human Rights Campaign or other activist groups may recommend LGBT-friendly surrogacy agencies on their website, as well. Pay attention to the language they use when they speak with you, as this can show whether they are experienced with gay couples using surrogacy or not.

If the agency gives you vague responses or seems indifferent about your surrogacy experience, then it may be safe to assume they are not an LGBTQ+ surrogacy agency. In this case, consider working with a professional who is supportive and excited to help you embark on this life-changing journey.

How Do I Choose the Best Gay Surrogacy Agency?

As you pursue a gay couple surrogacy, you may notice there are many options to select from. Because you have more options, you have a better chance of finding the surrogacy agency that is best for your circumstances. But, don’t commit to a professional if you don’t feel 100% certain that they’re excited to help you.

Still, you may be wondering how to choose the same-sex surrogacy agency that is perfect for you. Before you commit to any surrogacy program, talk to the professional about what preferences you have in your surrogacy, and ask them about how they can meet those needs.

Throughout this conversation, you can get to know the professional a bit better and find out if they’re a good fit for you. To help get you started, here are some questions that you can ask an LGBT surrogacy agency:

On top of these questions, you can ask some general surrogacy questions, too, to see if this gay surrogacy agency is the perfect fit for you. Remember to take all the time you need to find the best gay surrogacy agency, and don’t rush into any decisions that you don’t feel comfortable with. The agency that you choose will have a significant impact on your surrogacy experience.

What Are Some Gay-Friendly Surrogacy Agencies?

There are many factors that determine what LGBTQ+ surrogacy agency is best for you. Examples include location, your wants and needs, their services and more. You’ll also want to find a surrogacy agency that is fully supportive of the LGBTQ+ community and gay surrogacy. Here are some examples of gay-friendly surrogacy agencies:

There are other resources to be mindful of, too. For instance, MenHavingBabies.com has a comprehensive list of reviews of surrogate agencies for gay couples. This can help you find the right fit because you’re reading reviews from people in the LGBTQ+ community who have worked with these agencies before.

Why Should I Work with a Gay Surrogacy Agency?

There’s no doubt that the surrogacy process can be complex. It involves plenty of legalities and medical aspects, which can make it difficult to wrap your head around. Finding an LGBTQ+ surrogacy agency is crucial to ensure that your professional is 100% supportive. You have the right to work with someone who treats you with respect and genuinely cares about your surrogacy experience.

Although there are quite a few surrogacy agencies that work with LGBTQ+ couples, not all of them are gay-friendly surrogacy agencies. In other words, you’ll want to make sure that they directly state or show their support for the LGBTQ+ community and work with many LGBTQ+ people. Be sure to narrow down your search by finding agencies that truly care about making your gay surrogacy as special as possible. For example, research their matching process, their services and more.


Make sure that you do as much research as possible to find the gay surrogacy agency that works best for you. Finding the right professional is not only the first step of your surrogacy process, but it is also the first step you can take toward realizing your lifelong dreams of parenthood. That’s why you must take all the time you need to come to a decision that best suits your preferences and needs.

This can be a lot of information to wrap your head around at once, so we completely understand if you have some more questions. In that case, fill out our online contact form at any time to learn more about gay-friendly surrogacy agencies and get more surrogacy information now.

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