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Can You Be a Surrogate in the Military? [How to Find Military Surrogacy Agencies]

Is surrogacy possible for military families? The answer is yes. You can become a surrogate even if your spouse or partner is away from home for deployment, school, work or anything else. Just make sure that you meet the requirements of surrogacy before you commit to this path.

There are many reasons that you may consider surrogacy, and it could be the right choice for you and your situation. In fact, you can contact us today to get free surrogacy information now.

Still, you may have some questions. Surrogacy can be complex, and it can be quite a bit to wrap your head around. There are plenty of legal components involved. You may also be wondering, “Can you be a surrogate in the military? How do you find military surrogacy agencies?” We give you the answers you’ve been looking for in this comprehensive guide.

What Kinds of People Choose Surrogacy? [Army Wives as Surrogate Mothers]

If your partner or spouse is in the military and on active duty, surrogacy is still an option for you. It doesn’t matter whether you are married or single. You can pursue military surrogacy so long as you meet the requirements to become a surrogate.

You might be worried that, because your significant other is on active duty, military surrogacy isn’t possible. We’re here to assure you that you can still choose this path, even if your spouse or partner:

But, you may be asking, “Can military members be surrogates?” The answer is no. This is because it can be difficult for surrogacy agencies to match a surrogate who is in the military. On the other hand, many army wives are surrogate mothers, and this is a path that you can choose to take.

Why Are So Many Military Wives Surrogate Mothers?

As you’ve been researching military surrogacy agencies, you might have noticed this is more common than you may have thought. But, why is that the case? Although no two surrogacies are the same, there may be some overlap when it comes to one person’s reasons and another person’s reasons.

From a general standpoint, here are some reasons why surrogacy is popular among military wives:

As you can see, many reasons lead people to choose surrogacy in the military. Make sure you choose a surrogacy agency that supports you and takes your best interests into account.

How Does Military Surrogacy Work? [What to Expect from Your Surrogacy Journey]

When you pursue military surrogacy, the general process isn’t that much different than it would be if your significant other were home. Everything is more or less the same, aside from a handful of key differences.

For example, your partner or spouse will need to sign their consent to your surrogacy in some states. This is because they need to acknowledge that they have no legal parental rights over the child. Your surrogacy attorney will check with your state’s laws and see if this applies to your situation.

There is another difference that isn’t as much technical as it is emotional. When it comes to surrogacy in the military, it can add an extra emotional challenge given the fact that your significant other is on active duty. But, keep in mind that you will not be alone. Think about the support system of friends and family that will be by your side, and some military surrogacy agencies offer emotional counseling and other helpful services. Look for these features as you browse surrogacy professionals.

How Do You Find Military Surrogacy Agencies? [Get the Support That You Need]

You may have a solid understanding of surrogacy in the military, but you could still be wondering how to find the best surrogacy agency. To help get you started with your search, we’ve listed some professionals below that work with military wives and women:

When you get in touch with a surrogacy professional, you’ll want to feel 100% confident that they are the right fit for your situation. So, how do you know when a surrogacy agency is perfect for you? We’ve come up with some questions you can ask a professional when you’re pursuing military surrogacy:

If you feel stressed about finding a military surrogacy agency, then we’re here for you. You can fill out our online contact form to get more surrogacy information now. We would love to help you whenever you may need us.

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