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Hindu Perspective on Surrogacy [Hindu Surrogacy Agency Guide]

What to Consider when Searching for a Hindu Surrogacy Agency

Because the agency you choose will dictate the experience of your surrogacy journey, finding a professional who can support your needs, respect your religious beliefs, and value your views should be a top priority.  But how do Hindu beliefs on surrogacy impact your overall decision to choose this path and your ability to find a professional?

Although there are various opinions on Hindu views on surrogacy, the overall trend is acceptance. Hindu leaders accept the life-changing opportunity surrogacy can provide and support both surrogates and intended parents exploring this option. India itself is one of the most popular areas for surrogacy. 

This guide will provide you with information you need to know about Hinduism and surrogacy and the importance of working with a Hindu surrogacy agency or a general agency that is open to all types of religious backgrounds. Professionals are here to help get you started on the process, answer questions, and ease any concerns you may have.

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Surrogacy and Hinduism 

Whether you are an intended parent or a prospective surrogate, your religious beliefs will play a large role in your decision to pursue surrogacy.

Because surrogacy is a fairly new procedure, there is not much historical information on Hindu views or beliefs about surrogacy. But you can find peace of mind knowing that modern Hinduism allows surrogacy and is accepting of fertility treatments to help grow families.

Like any topic, when researching surrogacy online, you will find a lot of different opinions about the morality, ethics and Hindu perspective on surrogacy.

One thing to note, surrogacy numbers in India are amongst the highest in the world, and many Indian intended parents and surrogates are of the Hindu faith. Those who choose surrogacy often feel called to do so as a way to honor their beliefs. They see it as an opportunity to share their faith and act selflessly to help others or to share their love and support for their child, which they could not have given birth to on their own. 

You never want to do something against your faith, but fully understanding the current views and how they relate to your situation can be difficult. Before making any decisions about surrogacy, we recommend you speak with a trusted spiritual leader to gain their insight and knowledge about surrogacy. They will have the best views on surrogacy and Hinduism while keeping your faith and best interest in mind.

Surrogacy itself can be a great expression of your Hindu beliefs. As a Hindu intended parent, you are: 

As a Hindu surrogate, you are: 

Each surrogacy and outcome will be unique. Staying focused on your religious beliefs and finding intended parents or surrogates who share and support your Hindu views on surrogacy will help keep you on the right path.

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Hindu Surrogacy Agencies 

Finding the best support system and professional guidance throughout your surrogacy journey is one of the most important things you can do in this process. Because the agency you choose to work with will ultimately be involved every step of the way and impact the overall outcome and experience, you want to feel confident in who you choose. 

Hindu surrogacy agencies or general agencies are available and will fully support, understand and respect your spiritual beliefs. The main goal of these agencies is to put your needs and goals first and to provide all necessary services throughout this life-changing process.   

Your surrogacy professional from the agency you choose will talk you through the process, including the paperwork involved, the surrogacy contract, the medical procedure, and everything you can expect along the way.

Because surrogacy can be a somewhat lengthy process, having the services of an agency is the best way to keep everything on the right track towards success. Here are a few great agencies that will provide the services you need while keeping your Hindu beliefs on surrogacy in mind:

Although these agencies do not exclusively practice Hindu surrogacy, they are fully able to suit your needs while respecting your religious beliefs.

Before making any decisions about the agency you want to work with, we highly suggest weighing your options, discussing your goals with multiple agencies, asking questions, and taking your time before going with a certain professional.

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When your goals for surrogacy are able to align with your spiritual beliefs, it helps provide reassurance that you are making the best decision. Hinduism supporting surrogacy, and the decision surrogates and intended parents make to build their families, provides that reassurance. Speaking with your religious leaders will help provide more in-depth information and opinions on the matter. 

You are also encouraged to speak with a surrogacy professional.

With experience dealing with all types of surrogacy situations, having the guidance and support from a trained professional will help keep your goals obtainable and also keep you on the right track towards a successful surrogacy. Fill out this online form to get more information about the life-changing benefits Hindu surrogacy can provide!

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