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Jewish Surrogacy Agencies [And Jewish Views on Surrogacy]

What to Consider When Searching for a Jewish Surrogacy Agency

Religious beliefs often play a significant role in making important decisions. For intended parents and potential surrogates, understanding Jewish views on surrogacy is a point of emphasis before any decisions are made. If you are Jewish and considering surrogacy, you may have questions like:

Here, you will find the information you need to feel confident in your decision to pursue surrogacy. You will find peace of mind knowing that although there are varying views and opinions, many who practice Judaism have felt called to surrogacy, as it aligns with their faith, and consider it “ok” to pursue surrogacy.

You can also rest easy knowing that in addition to general surrogacy agencies that are fully supportive of your beliefs, there are specific Jewish surrogacy agencies.

With such an important choice as surrogacy, you want to have the best resources and guidance. Anytime you have questions about the Jewish perspective on surrogacy or any other related topic, you can fill out this online form to get more information from a trained professional.

Until then, continue reading to learn more about Judaism and surrogacy and how you can find an agency that supports your morals and beliefs.

Surrogacy and Judaism 

Whether you are an intended parent or are hoping to become a surrogate, you don’t want to go against the Jewish views on surrogacy — but what should you follow? 

The fact of the matter is, there are a lot of different opinions on the process and morality of surrogacy. It is essential to focus on the fact that many who practice Judaism consider surrogacy a way to fulfill the important Jewish value and hope of raising a family while spreading Judaism faith. Most rabbinic authorities state that egg donation and surrogacy are allowed under Jewish surrogacy law. 

For every negative, you can find two positives. For every disadvantage, you will find a benefit. Because surrogacy is a fairly new means of family-building, there is not much written through Judaism’s tradition, rituals, or general practices. With Judaism having an overview of there being a oneness of God and a strong emphasis on ethical actions, surrogacy can be taken by many as a great example of following the beliefs and goals of Reform Judaism.

As a Jewish surrogate, you are:

As a Jewish intended parent, you are:

Before making any decisions about surrogacy, we recommend you discuss your thoughts and goals with a trusted spiritual leader. They will be able to provide a better look into the Jewish views on surrogacy and explain the differences between Reform Judaism and pursuing surrogacy in Orthodox Judaism. You can also fill out this online form to get more information from a trained surrogacy professional.

Jewish Surrogacy Agencies

With such a life-changing decision, you want to have the best support system and professional guidance throughout your surrogacy journey. This begins with the agency you choose to work with.

Finding a professional who understands Judaism and surrogacy and fully supports your beliefs is not as difficult as it may seem, as it is actually quite common.

Gestational surrogacy agencies were created to help facilitate this life-changing process and put your needs first. Although the majority are not labeled specifically as “Jewish surrogacy agencies,” they will ensure your faith is being respected, valued, and practiced as they guide you through. These agencies will provide the services and support you need from the first interaction to well after delivery.  

Professionals will walk you through each step of the process and medical procedures, discuss your surrogacy contract, ensure you are receiving the care needed along the way, and so much more. Their goal is to make what can be a fairly lengthy process as enjoyable as possible. A few agencies you may consider include:

If you are looking for Jewish-specific agency, you may consider the following:

Finding an agency that specializes in surrogacy for only Jewish intended parents or surrogates may be a challenge, but it is not impossible. Oftentimes, agencies not specifically labeled as a Jewish surrogacy agency are just as well-suited to meet the needs of those pursuing this life-changing decision. Like with any big choice, you want to research your options and discuss any questions or concerns you may have with professionals from agencies you are considering.

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Making sure your surrogacy decisions align with your religious views and beliefs is important for a successful surrogacy. Although there may be contradicting views or opinions about the Jewish views on surrogacy, as previously mentioned, the majority of rabbinic authorities state that egg donation and surrogacy are allowed under Jewish surrogacy law.  

In addition to talking with a trusted religious leader, you are encouraged to discuss your thoughts and situation with a trained surrogacy professional. They will be able to provide you the information you need and point you toward helpful resources before making any decisions. Choosing Jewish surrogacy is a life-changing decision, one that takes plenty of thought and consideration of your future and your religious goals. 

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