Using a Surrogacy Agency vs Independent Surrogacy

Key Points:

Before pursuing the surrogacy process, many parents want to know the difference between independent surrogacy vs agency. Often what the choice boils down to is the cost of each. However, it’s important to understand what is actually included with both.

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What is Independent Surrogacy?

Those who want to pursue surrogacy without an agency will often choose to go through independent surrogacy. In this process they do not work with a surrogacy professional and will find their independent surrogate, attorney and other necessary professionals on their own.

Considerations between Agency vs Independent Surrogacy

There are four major pain points that can make a clear decision for people on whether to choose an agency vs independent surrogacy. Finding what is important to you and what you want to get out of the surrogacy experience are important components to consider.


Often times a determining factor for parents looking to go through the surrogacy process is the cost of the program. Many people don’t want to go through a surrogacy agency because of the extra fees associated with it. This makes surrogacy without an agency look like a better option to some.

However, it’s important to realize what you are getting when you pay for those surrogacy agency fees. You are receiving 24/7 support from your surrogacy professional, education, matching and screening services, counseling, surrogacy planning, case management, mediation and much more.

Risk and Conflict

The surrogacy process can be full of risk and conflict without the proper networks. Parents are taking the risk of putting their future into someone’s hands while surrogates are taking on this huge responsibility. While every surrogacy process requires legal assistance, many surrogacy agencies offer this in their package. This can be an imperative point in choosing between independent surrogacy vs agency.

Through an agency, your legal fees can be pre-determined with your surrogacy payment plan. If you choose to go through independent surrogacy, you will need to find your own attorney who specializes in surrogacy. Having this attorney on retainer and the cost of their legal fees can oftentimes add up.


One of the incredibly beneficial parts of working with a surrogacy agency is the support you receive from your surrogacy professional. They are there to answer any questions you may have about the surrogacy process, recommend different professionals and lend an ear to any of your worries and much more. They also provide educational materials and connections to counseling to help you prepare for parenthood and the surrogacy journey. Choosing agency vs independent surrogacy can often be helpful for those who could use the support along the way.

Finding a Surrogate

Something that makes parent choose independent surrogacy vs agency is when they already have a surrogate in mind. However, it’s important to note that even if you have already chosen a surrogate they will still need to go through a screening process.

Getting Started with an Agency

Working with an agency can offer peace of mind and a quality experience to parents who are ready to get started. Our partners at American Surrogacy offer:

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