Why is Surrogacy so Expensive?

Surrogacy is a journey that helps you achieve your dream of becoming a parent. This is a life-changing event and while you can’t put a price on the pure joy of bringing a child into the world, you can still put a price on surrogacy. Finding a way to have a biological child outside the usual routes can be a large financial commitment. There are numerous factors as to why surrogacy is so expensive and legitimate ways to be able to afford it.

If you’re looking for help on ways to afford surrogacy, speaking with a surrogacy professional can help.

Are Surrogates Expensive?

When you’re working with a surrogate, it’s important to compensate her for her service. Your surrogate is creating and caring for the life of your child. Making her feel rewarded and appreciated for the amazing service she is offering will help create a positive process.

Base compensation for surrogates can sometimes add a large piece to why surrogacy is expensive. However, it’s always worth it to make sure the person who is carrying your child is comfortable and able to focus on caring for the baby.

How Do I Afford a Surrogate?

Many parents may have questions about what is necessary to pay for through the surrogacy process. There are a number of grants and personal financing options that can help you find different avenues to affording surrogacy.

However, we know that some of these options can be hard to come by if you aren’t actively pursuing them. If you feel comfortable, you can also ask a close friend or family member to be your surrogate, which could lead to lower surrogate compensation or even altruistic surrogacy.

Does Insurance Cover Surrogacy?

One thing that may cover some expenses is ensuring your surrogate has appropriate medical insurance. It is likely that your surrogate will already have medical insurance through work or a spouse, but it’s important to note if it has any specifications about surrogacy. This can help to minimize the costs of fertility medications and other doctor visits.

Breaking Down Why Surrogacy is Expensive

There are so many professionals who assist you through the surrogacy process. This includes surrogacy attorneys, background screenings, doctor visits and fertility clinic professionals. You not only have access to the agency’s vast network of professionals, but you also have the opportunity to work through packages and fixed-cost payment plans. You will have a clearer picture on what you are paying for without any surprises coming up as long as you are working with a quality surrogacy agency. The costs associated with surrogacy include:

  • IVF fees
  • Travel to and from doctor visits
  • Surrogate base compensation
  • Your legal fees
  • Surrogate legal fees
  • Medical screenings
  • Case management
  • Contact mediation
  • Unlimited matching
  • Unlimited embryo transfers

Using a surrogacy agency can help you understand the costs of surrogacy. While many people assume using a surrogacy agency is why surrogacy is so expensive, there are actually numerous benefits. Many agencies will work with you to help you figure out the best options for affording surrogacy. A surrogacy agency allows you to have the best possible experience by serving as your home base for surrogacy needs.

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