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How Much Do Surrogates Make in Georgia?

Did you know that being a surrogate means you can improve your own family’s life through the compensation you’ll get?  How much do surrogates make in Georgia? It varies, but it can be life-altering.

You’re committing to give yourself a year of your life to help others build a family, and you should be compensated. Surrogate pay in Georgia may not be the primary reason you’re doing it, but you still deserve compensation.

You may have questions like:

For answers, please consult a surrogacy professional. To do that, simply complete our online form, and we’ll connect you with someone who can help. Meanwhile, read on to learn how much surrogates make in Georgia and across the U.S.

How Much Does a Surrogate Make in Georgia? [The Basics]

The average pay for a surrogate in Georgia can vary from $50,000 and $110,000 in total compensation. How much surrogates make in Georgia is influenced by things like experience, location, and the intended parents you choose to work with. Intended parents set their surrogacy budgets, but they’re often flexible in how much they can pay for a surrogate mother in Georgia. Please know your agency will work to get the most compensation possible for you.  

How much do surrogate mothers make in Georgia? Let’s start by becoming more familiar with the different categories within surrogate mother compensation. Read on to learn more.

How Much Do Surrogates Make in Georgia? [Base Compensation]

You get a set amount of base surrogate pay in GA in most commercial surrogacy situations. How much a surrogate mother gets paid in Georgia in base compensation is related to several factors:

The average pay for a surrogate in Georgia is between $50,000 to $110,000 in total compensation. Receiving this average pay to be a surrogate in Georgia can allow you to attain a financial goal or boost your family’s financial status. Receiving that average pay for surrogate mothers in Georgia can help you do things like:

How Much Do Surrogates Make in Georgia? [Surrogacy-Related Expenses]

Surrogacy means you’re making a commitment of your time and energy to help build another family. Asking you to also make financial sacrifices would be too much, so surrogacy-related expenses are also covered in surrogate mother pay in Georgia.

How much are surrogates paid in the U.S. and Georgia in terms of surrogacy-related expenses? That amount varies, but all your expenses are usually covered by the intended parents, including:

Your surrogate mother pay in GA will include a monthly allowance to cover such expenses along with your base compensation. Your pay will be detailed in your surrogacy legal contract. Even in an altruistic surrogacy, you’ll still have your surrogacy expenses paid by the intended parents.

Please also know that your compensation is guaranteed if you pursue surrogacy through many surrogacy agencies. The best surrogacy agencies require intended parents to place money into an escrow account for paying compensation, medical payments, insurance premiums, and other needed services.

A few of the specific expenses paid with your monthly allowance include:

Surrogate mother pay in Georgia can even include compensation for lost wages you and your spouse incur if you must miss work for surrogacy appointments. All medical costs not paid by insurance will be covered, and depending on your contract, other parts of the surrogacy medical process may result in more surrogacy pay in GA.

What’s the Average Pay for a Surrogate in Georgia? [Prior Experience with Surrogacy]

How much surrogates get paid in Georgia is also influenced by their previous experience with surrogacy. Your experience level helps determine average surrogate pay in Georgia.

For example, first-time surrogates don’t get as much surrogacy pay in Georgia compared to women with extensive surrogacy experience with carrying pregnancies to term on behalf of intended parents. How much do surrogates get paid in the U.S. and Georgia? The answer depends largely on your level of experience.

You’ll know exactly what compensation you will receive before beginning the process. During your first meeting with your surrogacy professional, they’ll explain the specifics of your payment and what surrogacy pay in Georgia you can expect to get.

You’ll collaborate with your surrogacy professional to determine how much compensation you want, and that information will be included in the surrogacy contract. Then, they can use that information to find intended parents whose budgets match your financial expectations. They can help you answer the question, “How much money does a surrogate mother make in Georgia?” and help you understand how much money you’ll get.

How Much Money Does a Surrogate Mother Make in Georgia? [Learning More]

Being a surrogate allows you to improve your family’s financial status through compensation, even when you’ve chosen to become a surrogate for altruistic reasons. You deserve surrogate pay in Georgia to cover the costs of your time, effort, and expenses related to surrogate pregnancy.  Since the surrogate average pay in Georgia varies widely, it’s wise to consult a surrogacy lawyer or surrogacy professional to better understand exactly how much surrogate mother pay in Georgia you’ll get.

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