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Surrogacy Agencies in Montana

Prospective gestational surrogates and hopeful intended parents can work with surrogacy agencies in Montana to get emotional and practical support throughout the surrogacy process.

If you want to learn more about surrogacy in Montana and the services surrogacy agencies in Montana provide, reach out to us today. We can connect you to a knowledgeable surrogacy professional who can offer you a free consultation.

Why Work With Surrogacy Agencies in Montana

Surrogacy agencies in Montana provide comprehensive surrogacy services that support each surrogate party throughout the surrogacy process.

Some of the surrogacy services agencies provide include:

How to Choose a Surrogacy Agency

The best surrogacy agencies in Montana provide essential services to gestational carriers and intended parents. These are just some of the surrogacy agencies in Montana you could choose to work with:

3 Essential Steps in the Surrogacy Process

Although everyone’s surrogacy patch is unique, each surrogacy partnership will go through three common steps. Here’s what you can expect to experience on your surrogacy journey:

Step 1: Choose Surrogacy and Start Working with an Agency

Gestational surrogacy in Montana is a fulfilling experience for surrogates and intended parents.

You may want to pursue surrogacy in Montana if you dream of starting or growing your family, or want to help someone else start their family while being fairly compensated for your services.

The following are just some of the benefits that experienced surrogacy agencies in Montana can provide hopeful families and surrogates.

Predictable Match Times

Professionals want to help you find the perfect surrogacy partner match, whether you’re a surrogate or an intended parent.

Surrogacy agencies in Montana that can quickly match surrogate parties benefit everyone on their surrogacy journey. For example, American Surrogacy has an average match time of 30 to 90 days. The agency can maintain this by prescreening surrogates and intended parents, providing in-house marketing for clients, and keeping a 1:1 intended parent-to-surrogate ratio.

Transparent Surrogacy Fees and Competitive Surrogate Compensation

The best surrogacy agencies in Montana clearly advertise their fees and always pay surrogates the most compensation possible for their experience level.

Surrogacy Fees in Montana

Surrogacy in Montana costs between $120,000 and $250,000. Generally, intended parents can save money and plan for their journey’s variable fees by working with an agency that offers a fixed-fee structure.

For example, American Surrogacy’s fixed cost is $149,900. This covers its:

Surrogate Compensation in Montana

Most surrogates earn anywhere from $45,000 to $75,000 in base compensation. At American Surrogacy, first-time surrogates earn $45,000 to $50,000, and experienced surrogates can make more. A surrogate can use this money however she pleases.

In addition to receiving base compensation for surrogacy in Montana, surrogates also never have to pay for their:

Comprehensive Case Management

The best surrogacy agencies in Montana also provide clients with comprehensive case management services.

When you choose to work with an agency like American Surrogacy, your surrogacy professional will:

Case management ensures you have the time and energy to focus on your needs.

Finish Surrogacy Screenings

Before a surrogacy professional matches you with a surrogacy partner, you’ll undergo a few routine surrogacy screenings. These medical and psychological screenings help confirm that everyone interested in surrogacy is committed to moving forward with surrogacy in Montana.

Step 2: Complete the Surrogacy Legal Process and Start the Medical Process

The surrogate and the intended parents will work with their own surrogacy attorney to ensure their individual rights are protected and their needs are met.

Both attorneys will work to create a surrogacy contract to address the following aspects of the surrogacy journey:

Surrogacy in Montana: Is it Legal?

Montana has no specific surrogacy laws, but the state’s courts are generally favorable toward the family-building choice. This means surrogates can receive compensation for their services in Montana, and intended parents can become their child’s legal guardians.

Surrogacy in Montana: The Medical Process

The intended parents’ fertility clinic will prescribe fertility drugs to the gestational carrier. These medications will prepare her for the embryo transfer and pregnancy.

The intended parents cover a surrogate’s medical costs. She will also get to choose the hospital where she will deliver and create a delivery plan that includes her and the intended parents’ needs.

Step 3: Complete the Surrogacy in Montana

Your surrogacy attorney and professional will stay in contact with you during the child’s delivery and meet with you before the hospital discharge to complete all necessary surrogacy legal steps.

Next, the surrogate will receive her final compensation payment, and the parents will go home with their baby!

The Next Steps to Surrogacy in Montana

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