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Surrogacy Agencies in Nevada

Surrogacy in Nevada presents a safe, well-regulated process for both intended parents and surrogates. Nevada has well-defined surrogacy laws that surrogacy agencies in Nevada can work with to protect the rights and interests of all surrogacy parties.

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What is Surrogacy in Nevada?

Surrogacy in Nevada includes surrogacy professionals, a surrogate (gestational carrier), and intended parents. The surrogate and intended parents work with multiple skilled professionals during their surrogacy journey.

A surrogate and the intended parents will stay in contact throughout their surrogacy journey. Many intended parents go to OBGYN appointments with the surrogate and regularly meet up! After the surrogate gives birth to the intended parents’ child, the surrogate will receive her final compensation check, and the intended parents will go home with their child!

Working With Surrogate Agencies in Nevada

Surrogacy agencies in Nevada have years of experience helping intended parents and surrogates through the surrogacy process. Typically, a surrogacy agency provides each surrogacy party with these services:

These surrogacy agencies in Nevada are great choices if you haven’t picked an agency yet:

How to Become a Surrogate in Nevada

Women curious about how to become a surrogate mother in Nevada can reach out to a surrogacy professional. These professionals will help direct them to the right surrogacy agencies that can help them start the surrogacy screening process.

How to Find a Surrogacy Match in Nevada

Although you always have the choice to work with someone you already know to complete your surrogacy partnership, surrogacy agencies in Nevada can help you find the perfect match.

When a surrogacy agency has shorter wait times, they typically can provide the surrogate and intended parents with a better surrogacy experience.

For example, American Surrogacy has an average match time of 30 to 90 days. The agency can maintain these times by:

How Much is Surrogacy in Nevada for Surrogates?

No surrogate ever has to pay for her surrogacy journey. In fact, surrogates in Nevada have the opportunity to earn base compensation for their time and energy.

Surrogates who receive compensation for their surrogacy services make $45,000-50,000 for their first surrogacy. People who have been surrogates before can often get more compensation, up to $75,000, with agencies like American Surrogacy.

Also, no surrogate ever has to pay for her:

What’s the Cost of Surrogacy in Nevada?

The cost of surrogacy in Nevada is from $120,000 to $250,000. However, when you work with a surrogacy agency that has a fixed-fee structure, intended parents have a clearer view of what they will have to pay,

For example, American Surrogacy offers a fixed cost of $149,900 that covers the agency’s services, gestational carrier fees, and medical and legal fees. The agency also offers the following:

Is Surrogacy Legal in Nevada?

Yes, Nevada is one of the county’s most surrogacy-friendly states, and its laws are similar to California’s.

According to American Surrogacy:

“There are state regulations for the creation of Nevada surrogacy contracts, as well as requirements for surrogates and intended parents who wish to pursue this family-building process. These Nevada surrogacy laws result in a surrogacy process that effectively protects the rights and interests of all involved.”

If you choose to pursue surrogacy in Nevada, know that surrogacy laws in Nevada ensure that:

What are the Steps for a Surrogacy in Nevada?

Surrogates and intended parents can start their surrogacy journeys by reaching out to a surrogacy professional at an agency.

When an interested party reaches out to a surrogacy agency, they will go through the following surrogacy steps:

Next Steps Toward Surrogacy in Nevada

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