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Surrogacy Agencies in New York

This guide will tell you everything you need to know about how surrogacy agencies in New York help intended parents and surrogates like you.

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What is Surrogacy in New York?

Surrogates (also known as gestational carriers), intended parents, and surrogacy professionals are all part of the surrogacy process.

The intended parents and surrogates choose to work together to bring a child into the world. After surrogacy partners decide to work together, the surrogate becomes pregnant through IVF. The embryo created in the gestational surrogacy in New York process is made with the intended parents’ (or donor/s’) gametes.

Why Work With Surrogacy Agencies in New York?

Surrogacy agencies in New York provide surrogates and intended parents with a helpful surrogacy professional. These professionals will ensure your journey is safe and legal.

This is a helpful list to start with if you are looking to work with one of the best surrogacy agencies in New York:

Surrogacy agencies in New York are there to provide all the essential surrogacy services. This includes the following:

Surrogacy Screening and Partner Matching

Surrogacy professionals that work at surrogacy agencies in New York are experienced in helping intended parents and surrogates meet and match. Professionals do this by:

Surrogacy agencies in New York also are experts at matching surrogates with intended parents.

All surrogacy parties benefit when a surrogacy agency has a shorter wait time.

For example, American Surrogacy has an average match time of 30 to 90 days. The agency can maintain these times by prescreening surrogates and intended parents, providing in-house marketing for clients, and keeping a 1:1 intended parent-to-surrogate ratio.

Case Management

Surrogacy agencies in New York, like American Surrogacy, provide essential, comprehensive case management. This includes the following:

Surrogacy Counseling and Support

Another benefit of working with a surrogacy agency in New York is the emotional and practical assistance you get from your surrogacy professional.

Your surrogacy professional will provide you with:

Legal References and Helps

If you’re wondering, “Is surrogacy legal in New York,” or, “Are surrogacy contracts legal in New York,” the answers are yes.

According to American Surrogacy, “New York law allows intended parents, gestational carriers and their spouses to enter into enforceable gestational contracts, as long as they meet the requirements set forth by the law.”

This means that:

Transparent Surrogacy Fees and Competitive Surrogate Compensation

Surrogacy agencies in New York also help organize surrogate payments and intended parent surrogacy payments.

7 Common Surrogacy Journey Steps

Prospective surrogates and hopeful intended parents throughout New York go through these steps when they go through the surrogacy process in New York:

Next Steps to Working With Surrogacy Agencies in New York

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