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Surrogacy Agencies in Utah

Surrogacy agencies in Utah are dedicated to helping hopeful intended parents and prospective surrogates during their entire surrogacy journey.

Reach out to us today to learn more about how surrogacy in Utah works. We will help you find a surrogacy professional who can give you a free consultation about surrogacy in the state.

In the meantime, this guide will explain how surrogacy in Utah works and how surrogacy agencies ensure your experience is positive.

What is Surrogacy in Utah?

Surrogacy in Utah involves a team of compassionate individuals who work together to help intended parents bring a child into the world. At the heart of this journey is the surrogate, also known as a gestational carrier, who becomes pregnant through in vitro fertilization (IVF) at a fertility clinic.

During IVF, an embryo is created using gametes from the intended parents or donors (or both). With the help of dedicated surrogacy professionals, this process can be an incredible experience for everyone involved, leading to the birth of a precious new life.

Surrogacy Agencies in Utah

After you decide surrogacy is the right path for you, you’ll want to find a surrogacy agency in the state to work with.

Surrogacy agencies in Utah make the process smoother for all surrogacy parties.

After you choose an agency to work with, the agency will pair you with a surrogacy professional. The best surrogacy agencies in Utah work with experienced surrogacy professionals. These professionals will refer you to talented fertility specialists in your state and provide support throughout the surrogacy process.

The Benefits of Working with Surrogacy Agencies in Utah

Surrogacy agencies in Utah provide all surrogacy parties with essential services that make the family-building process smoother.

Screening and Matching

Your surrogacy professional will help you find the perfect intended family or surrogate that matches your preferences. Your professional will do this by:

Typically, agencies with shorter wait times are the best surrogacy agencies in Utah to work with.

American Surrogacy has an average match time of 30 to 90 days. The agency can maintain this by having:

Case Management

Your surrogacy professional will handle your journey’s paperwork, filing, and other practical aspects. This leaves you free to focus on your needs.

Counseling and Support

Surrogacy professionals help gestational carriers and intended families through the ups and downs of surrogacy. They do this by providing 24/7 support. Professionals can also offer outside referrals to other counselors (like infertility counselors).

Financial Certainty

If you’re wondering, “How much does surrogacy cost in Utah, the answer varies. The average cost of surrogacy in Utah is between $120,000 and $250,000.

Intended parents will experience the most financial clarity when they work with a surrogacy agency that offers flat rates.

At American Surrogacy, the cost of surrogacy in Utah is $149,900. This fixed fee covers the following:

The benefit of working with an agency with a fixed-free structure is that all costs are transparent.

Competitive Base Compensation

If you’re a prospective surrogate, you’re likely wondering, “How much do surrogates get paid in Utah?” the answer to this question varies, too.

Commonly, first-time surrogates receive $45,000-50,000 for their services. Repeat surrogates can often receive more — up to $75,000. A surrogate can use their base compensation however she pleases.

In addition to receiving base pay, a gestational carrier also will receive reimbursement for the following services:

Is Surrogacy Legal in Utah?

Yes, but only for married couples. This is because of a 2008 statute. In addition, there are other laws regarding surrogacy in the state.

Surrogacy Laws in Utah for Intended Parents

Surrogacy Laws in Utah for Surrogates

Surrogacy laws in Utah do allow compensated surrogacy and ensure surrogacy contracts are enforceable.

What are the Steps for a Surrogacy in Utah?

Intended parents and surrogates can start their surrogacy journeys by contacting a surrogacy professional at an agency. When someone reaches out to a surrogacy agency, they can expect to go through the following steps:

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